Minister of Energy Joseph Kofi Adda of Ghana

Joseph Adda was born at Navrongo, the capital of the Kassena-Nankana District in the Upper East Region of Ghana.
Joseph Adda is a Financial Economist and a Management Consultant.
Adda has also worked at Essex County College, Newark, New Jersey, USA (1986 – 1988), Thomson McKinnon Securities Inc.
Since 1994, Joseph Adda has been the Director of Omni Consulting International (Ghana) Ltd.
It can be recalled that last week, May 27 2008, this paper carried a story on page twelve, in which 53 polling station chairmen had threatened to quit the party if Kofi Adda was imposed on them.
We resolve not to canvass for or vote for the NPP in the upcoming election if Hon Joseph Kofi Adda is imposed on the Navrongo Central Constituency without going through the laid down procedure of using popular will in the determination of the parliamentary candidate.
Joseph Kofi Adda was himself not an NPP member in 2003 when he was made the candidate and this was not held against him by the National Executive.
Adda had been booted out for openly supporting Nana Akufo-Addo’s candidature, even before the New Patriotic Party (NPP) congress.
Kofi Adda was last seen in public somewhere late last year.
Adda was sacked for non-performance.
Adda was not personally to be blamed for the natural disaster.
The Statesman suggests that Joseph Kofi Adda has been relieved of his ministerial portfolio.
Unconfirmed information available to The Statesman suggests that Joseph Kofi Adda has been relieved of his ministerial portfolio.
Kofi Adda was appointed Energy Minister in April 2006 in a reshuffle that saw him moved from the Ministry Manpower Employment to replace Mike Oquaye.
Embattled Energy Minister Joseph Kofi Adda has told The Statesman in an exclusive interview he will step down if his plan to end the current load-shedding exercise is not successful.
At that point Mr Adda says all 392 MW of short-term generation capacity the NPP government has contracted will be fully functional.
Mr Adda says a recent seven-day period showed the water level remained steady at the Akosombo Dam for four days, and during the following two days the level actually edged up “slightly.
Mr Adda says his plan will also keep Ghana in control of its generation assets.
Mr Adda says that cushion would last for "about a year," adding, government intends to "stay ahead of demand.
Mr Adda says such a move would not put the people of Ghana at the mercy of the open market, as the PURC would still set tariff rates.
With a goal of bringing at least 1700 MW on line within the next 18 months it seems as if Mr Adda has more than enough on his plate to keep him busy through to the next election, that is if President Kufour believes his beleaguered Energy Minister is still the man for the job.
Joseph Kofi Adda says he intends to arm himself and beef up his personal security, seeing that his life is under threat.
Kofi Adda said he had reported the case to the police and issued with a medical form and also been examined by a doctor, explaining that those fighting him are people jealous of his performance and the unprecedented level of development he has brought to the constituency and who want his seat.
Energy Minister Joseph Kofi Adda says government is confident Kosmos Energy will produce oil from the Cape Three Points oil field soon.
Adda said it took Kosmos Energy 14 months from discovery to actual production of oil in Equatorial Guinea, a space he described as a rare record.
Adda said he was unable to confirm the claims.
The Statesman yesterday reported that unconfirmed information available to it indicated that Joseph Kofi Adda has been relieved of his ministerial portfolio.
Mr Akwasi Sarpong said as far as he and the Ministry are concerned Mr Kofi Adda is still the Minister of Energy until officially notified otherwise.
A couple of weeks ago, news reached The Statesman that Kofi Adda was asked to proceed on leave.
Joseph Adda had lost popularity in the constituency and would not retain the seat without the support of all members.
Energy Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda says a detailed compensation plan has been drawn up for persons who will be affected by the Bui Dam Project in the Brong Ahafo Region.
Adda says the project is one of the many alternatives for power generation.
Adda says tremendous progress has been made in finding solutions to the crisis and nobody is currently experiencing light offs during the day as used to be the case.
Arthur Balinia Adda has gone berserk and started locking up some selected stores and shops in the Navrongo Central Market belonging to NPP campaign team members.
Adda was hoping to convince the House that Government’s decision to limit the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation to its core business of oil exploration was the result of the oil find.
Mr Adda expressed these concerns in a speech read on his behalf by the Kassena-Nankana District Chief Executive, Mr.
Adda said a mechanism would be in place to ensure that harvesting; milling and polishing were done on time to ensure quality standards were maintained to meet international demands.
Accra, April 23 (NNN-GNA) Ghanaian Minister for Energy Joseph Kofi Adda has signed an agreement with China’s Sinohydro Corporation Limited to build the 400-megawatt (MW) Bui Hydro-electric Power Plant in the Brong-Ahafo region.
Speaking at the signing ceremony here last week, Adda said the signing of the agreement marked a significant day in Ghana’s history as it was the beginning of an end to the current energy crises facing the country.
While the news shocked all who heard it, many were of the view that it was about time the President revealed the reason for which Adda was relieved of his ministerial position to forestall further speculations and mayhem in the constituency.
Adeyiga observed with concern that Adda had been unhappy since he lost his political portfolio and had shunned the group of people he used to “chill” with when he was a Minister, noting that it was important to assist him to reintegrate into the society as an MP and not a Minister.
I am the straw Joseph Kofi Adda has caught in his dwindling image in the sight of the people in the constituency,” he said.
Adda approached him personally and confronted him for organizing a party at Mayaga Hotel in Navrongo to jubilate over his dismissal as Energy Minister.
Adda has however denied all the allegations.