Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Kwadwo Baah-wiredu of Ghana

and Professor Mills in their praise of the late Minister (they have been vile critics of the handling of the economy), because Baah-Wiredu was such a nice person.
Apraku said, “Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu is irreplaceable.
According to him, Baah-Wiredu was determined to make Ghana a better place, which drove him at a most punishing and relentless pace to try to achieve this goal.
President Kufuor was of the view that since the former Minister held a firm conviction that people consistently file their tax returns on April 14 every year, which Baah-Wiredu himself ardently observed, the President said "I pray that on April 14 next year, and every year to come, high profile public officials will be seen going to file their tax return at the Internal Revenue offices just as Baah Wiredu did for the past four years," adding that the filing of taxes was one of the items Baah-Wiredu had put in the official calendar, and the same goes for sanitation week.
Hon Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu was appointed as the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development in 2001 and then sent to the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, from where he became Finance Minister, a portfolio he held until his untimely death.
Baah-Wiredu was acknowledged for his great works as board of governors of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) conferred on him the best finance minister in Africa at their meeting in Washington D.
A chartered accountant, who got elected to Parliament on the ticket of the NPP in 1997, Mr Baah-Wiredu had been a minister in President Kufuor’s government since 2001.
In this sense, Baah-Wiredu’s death, caused by pneumonia, is downplayed and pre-destination heightened: pneumonia or no pneumonia, Baah-Wiredu was destined to die at 56.
Finance Minister Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu has died, a statement from the presidency announced in Accra on Wednesday.
On his part, Prof Mills said Mr Baah-Wiredu was humble, respectful and great achiever.
Statement and Economic Policy to Parliament.
achieve middle-income country status by 2015.
that the old cedi regime placed on the economy.
Common Fund, which had been pegged at 5.
the fifth round of the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS.
areas that were already socio-economically disadvantaged.
Prof Mills, who said he was shaken by the news of the death, added that Mr Baah-Wiredu was one of his students at the University of Ghana.
As Finance Minister, the late Mr Baah-Wiredu had oversight responsibility for the Cocobod, whose operations had improved tremendously in recent times.
Baah-Wiredu has been a pain in numerous families in Asante-Akim North; hence Koo Baah must simply go home.
rights for Ghana to stage the CAN 2008 football competition.
Government should hire lawyers in South Africa to explore the possibility that Baah-Wiredu was a victim of medical negligence.
Baah-Wiredu had done for the constituents.
Baah-Wiredu had done tremendous developments in the area, he stressed his legal background and other business connections could further enhance the developments of the constituency should the electorates give him the mandate to represent them in Parliament.
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KWADWO Baah-Wiredu, 56, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning is reported dead at a Pretoria Hospital in South Africa.
Baah-Wiredu had to seek help in South Africa? Our government officials continue to seek medical treatment outside Ghana even for routine check ups, which perhaps demonstrates that our health system is in complete shambles or otherwise it does not inspire confidence in those who can access alternative health care sources.
the headline, "Baah-Wiredu passes away.
itions and leaders, including President John Agyekum Kufuor and his predecessor,Jerry John Rawlings.
dependable, loyal and dedicated to the cause of Ghana, stressing that his losswas irreplaceable.
Mr Baah-Wiredu said the study also found that 27,954 establishments had offered placements under the On-the-Job-Training, Internships, Vocation Employment and Attachment Programmes while various establishments during the same period retained 954 National Service Personnel.
Mr Baah-Wiredu expressed the hope that these studies would lead to the development of a database for the continuous measurement and monitoring of jobs created.
I am yet to get the full facts but I cannot believe Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu is no more.
Opposition National Democratic Congress leader John Atta Mills, who will challenge the candidate of Mr Kufuor's ruling New Patriotic Party in the December poll, said Baah-Wiredu was humble, respectful and a great achiever.
Baah-Wiredu had served in the government since Mr Kufuor's first term in 2001, first as minister for local government and rural development, then overseeing the education, youth and sports portfolio before his appointment as finance minister.
Baah-Wiredu was a fine product of Ghanas 16-year-old democratic dispensation against the backdrop of good figures like him buried in the rough and suffocating long-running military juntas and frightening one-party systems.
In this sense, Baah-Wiredus death, caused by pneumonia, is downplayed and pre-destination African belief concept heightened here pneumonia or no pneumonia, Baah-Wiredu was destined to die at 56.
Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu was born in 1952 at Agogo.
The late Chartered Accountant and politician died on September 24, this year, in a South African Hospital of what was said to be post surgery complications from prostrate cancer.
I still can't believe what I"m witnessing: that Hon Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu is dead and gone forever,” Ian Okwei, Political Correspondent of NPP News, remarked, as he glumly watched the vehicles conveying the burial party and the mortal remains of the late Baah-Wiredu head towards the cemetery.
Kwadwo Baah-Wiredu has worked at various positions with the now defunct Ghana Airways airline and the Volta River Authority.
Baah-Wiredu was one of the campaigners against the Union government (UNIGOV) concept put forward by General Acheampong's Supreme Military Council in 1978.
Baah-Wiredu was a workaholic who came to work early and left the office late, sometimes after 2000 hours, when he had cleared his desk.
Baah-Wiredu was a very humble and down to earth person who dressed simply and preferred to wear a tie only for the Chamber of Parliament or for formal occasions.
And to her utter surprise Mr Baah-Wiredu was at the door.