Minister of Interior Kwamena Bartels of Ghana

Bartels had nearly created an epic crisis for the ruling New Patriotic Party of which, it is significant to observe, Mr.
Bartels was far less likely to cause a moral embarrassment both to himself and the government.
Kwamena Bartels has told the media his performance over the years has been a good one.
2007-10-08How Bartels Sprinkled 4 billion cedis.
The Interior Minister, Hon Kwamena Bartels has reacted angrily to a newspaper publication by threatening: I Will Face Raymond Archer the Editor.
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Bartels said measures designed by government to curb the involvement of some police personnel in drug trafficking, and the drug menace in the country, include a special financial package for personnel and other agencies handling the drug crisis.
Bartels said that, he will not contest the 2008 elections, but instead he will leave politics and practice farming.
Kwamena Bartels has disclosed that demonstrations by Liberian refugees were orchestrated by some people with the objective of destabilizing the rather peaceful and democratic atmosphere prevailing in Ghana.
Bartels said Ghana would continue to build on the good relations it has with Liberia whilst ensuring that its security is not threatened.
Bartels said no Liberian refugee in Ghana is here on account of fear of persecution and it is the belief of the Ghanaian government that the vast majority of them can return to Liberia in safety and dignity.
Kwamena Bartels is under the Enquirer's investigation for sprinkling over ¢4 billion from the Ghana Private Sector Development Fund on her a daughter's company, called Stay Sweet Sugar Industries.
Speaking to Joy News from the UK, where President Kufuor is on a state visit, Mr Bartels said the issue of Dr Anane’s reappointment is the prerogative of President Kufuor.
Mr Bartels said government’s long held belief in the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary was vindicated by the Fast Track High Court’s decision to overturn the adverse findings the CHRAJ made against the former Transportation Minister, Dr Richard Anane.
Mr Bartels said President Kufuor is aware of the outcome.
After almost a year of being MIA in the NPP camp and missing from the view of the public eye, guess who tried recently to sneak his ugly head back into the limelight, as a member of the NPP top brasses' ridiculous last ditch efforts to hold onto power by “all means necessary?” It was reported that of all people, Kwamena Bartels was among those who tried to hound and chase down one Mr.
It's a funny, small and sad world we live in, isn't it? Wasn't this the same Kwamena Bartels who had boldly proclaimed his “public” retirement and swore off of all things “political” just a short time ago? Isn't this the same man we thought just wanted to retire into the abyss?Kwamena Bartels had told those of US who were listening that he wanted to go into farming after his public “service.
Credible information gathered by The Chronicle has revealed the reason behind the dismissal of the Interior Minister, Hon.
Sources at the seat of government told The Chronicle that Bartels was dismissed due to his failure to control his Ministry and the confusion that has engulfed his constituency.
His statement came seven days after Bartels had been served notice of the formation of the committee.
Though, as a Minister of Interior, Bartels was expected to champion the cause of peace, information has it that he was accused of creating confusion in his constituency as a result of his pitching camp with some disgruntled delegates in the area.
Bartels was alleged to have mobilised delegates to hold a massive demonstration against the candidature of the aspirant, during his vetting at the party’s headquarters to expose allegations levelled against him by Institutions like the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO.
The Chronicle gathered that although the Presidency had thought of giving him an Ambassadorial position, Bartels turned down the proposal and walked away.
Later, after realising his mistake, Bartels was said to have asked some chiefs to go and plead with the President on his behalf but it was too late for him since the Ambassadorial position had been given to some other people who had developed interest.
Asked whether he would take another political appointment if offered, Bartels had this to say “we shall cross the bridge when we get there.
Ghana’s information minister Kwamena Bartels says the government will decide soon what to do about reports suggesting that former president Jerry Rawlings is soliciting funds to overthrow the Kufuor government.
Bartels says Ghana is stable despite pronouncements by former President Rawlings.
Bartels says the government has made several attempts to reconcile President Kufuor with ex-President Rawlings.
Former Interior Minister Kwamena Bartels has called for the strict implementation of laws regarding the accommodation and ejection of public servants in the country.
According to The BBC, Information Minister Kwamena Bartels said because homosexuality was illegal in Ghana, the gathering would not be permitted.
The Minister of the Interior, Kwamena Bartels says on the advice of the Upper East Regional Security Council (REGSEC) the curfew time imposed on the Bawku Municipality would now be 5 pm (1700 hours) to 6.
Bartels said the previous period of the curfew from 8.
The Minister for Information and National Orientation, Hon Kwamena Bartels said at the closing session of a two week ICT Capacity Building programme for 22 Information Officers drawn mostly from the 10 regions of the country.
Hon Bartels said that the government communication policy of positioning the rural people to exploit opportunities and advantages of today’s global village was no doubt being achieved with the setting up of the CICs.
Kwamena Bartels has revealed that twenty-two (22) persons were arrested and remanded in police custody at Navrongo in connection with the disturbances at Bawku.
Bartels said the government was collaborating with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to assist to implement the global container control project at the main harbor in Ghana for profiling.
It was reported that of all people, Kwamena Bartels was among those who tried to hound and chase down one Mr.
Kwamena Bartels had told those of US who were listening that he wanted to go into farming after his public “service.
It was announced on the day Kwabena Bartels was booted out of office by the President.
Kwamena Bartels was replaced because he was pushing very hard to get the top brass of the Police Service immersed in the trade, replaced.
Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, the Interior Minister, Kwamena Bartels said though government is keen on this strategy, it is using a consultative approach to the issue by meeting the leaders of these communities, listening to them and incorporating their concerns into the final decision by government.
Mr Bartels said one more person has died, bringing to 11 the total number of persons who have lost their lives as a result of the violence.
Mr Bartels said government is considering a proposal for a non-violent conflict resolution mechanism under the auspices of the National Peace Council to create and facilitate space for dialogue and reconciliation between the two groups.
Bartels said a government delegation had been to The Gambia three times, Senegal two times and were currently in The Gambia.
Bartels said to him the best thing would be for President Jammeh to compensate the families of the victims.
Kwamena Bartels has assured that repair works on the collapsed Kulungugu bridge in the Upper East Region will be completed by the end of September for the use of motorists.
Adjaho says the minister Bartels has taken an oath to tell Ghanaians the truth, so he should be taken to task when he fails to tell the truth.
Ghanaians are unique people whose culture, morality and heritage totally abhor homosexual and lesbian practices and indeed any other form of unnatural sexual acts," Information Minister Kwamena Bartels said in a statement.
Mr Kwamena Bartels, former Minister of Information and National Orientation on Tuesday assumed office as Minister of the Interior, a statement in Accra said on Wednesday.
as the recommendations were made for its establishment.