Minister of Roads and Highways Richard Anane of Ghana

Anane is said to have told the committee in February 2005, when he appeared before it for vetting, that he did not transfer more than 10,000 dollars to US citizen Alexandria O’Brien, with whom he has a son.
Kumbuor explains that Parliament has the power to redress the error he claims was committed when Anane was confirmed.
Richard Anane says 70 percent of roads in the country are in good conditions.
Anane said there had been a vast improvement over the situation under NDC administration, which only had 44 percent of roads in good shape.
Anane has already been flayed by a separate body, the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ.
Accra, Ghana - Ghana's health minister Richard Anane said Tuesday said that current estimates indicated that over 600,000 people may be living with HIV/AIDS in his country.
Dr Anane said this in a speech read on his behalf by Dr.
Anane said that by the end of December 2000, 43,587 cases of AIDS had been reported at the health ministry facilities throughout the country.
Dr Anane said that the high infection rate of AIDS among adolescents is a result of challenges such as peer pressure, unemployment and poverty, among other things, which make them vulnerable to social vices, including promiscuity.
Dr Anane said officials from Thailand have already been in the country to assess the capability of some manufacturing companies and concluded that Ghana has the capacity to produce the drug.
However, because that of Anane was in the public domain it received a lot of comments.
Richard Anane was out of the jurisdiction of the court, the 20-day deadline slapped on him to file a written response to the law suit was difficult.
Anane was demanded by Florida law to submit a Financial Affidavit Form to be filed with the court to determine his assets and salary.
Anane said that Government attaches great importance to the Energy and Transportation sectors of the economy and was ready to partner with the University for a sustainable energy and transport strategies.
Anane said that the onus was on the University to review and diversify its curriculum to enable it to meet the challenges posed by the emerging oil industry.
Richard Anane has commissioned a Gh Cedis 847,000 Transportation Hostel at KNUST.
Anane said the hostel facility which is dedicated to the RTEP would allow for some flexibility in the admission of students as well as mounting of short courses for practitioners in the road transportation engineering profession.
Anane expressed the belief that the establishment of the postgraduate programme would lessen the drain on national resources spent on people who undertake training programmes abroad.
By a 4-1 majority decision, the Supreme Court dismissed the application for certiorari filed by CHRAJ, which sought to quash a High Court decision overturning CHRAJ's decision that Dr Anane had abused his office, committed perjury and engaged in a conflict of interest.
Dr Anane said even when the issues were in court, the media would still not allow the law to decide but were prejudicial of the issues.
Dr Anane said the media would be more responsible if they endeavoured to cross-check issues at all times before going public with the facts.
In the main, the nomination of the Dr Richard Anane is a setback in the fight to root out corruption which afflicts our nation notwithstanding the prerogative of the presidency to nominate.
Anane was therefore scheduled to be re-nominated by the President immediately after the resumption of Parliament.
Anane was embroiled in charges of Conflict of Interest, Corruption and Perjury following his sexual relationship with an American lady.
Anane had admitted having an intimate relationship with Ms.
Anane received kickbacks, the Commission said it gathered no evidence to implicate him.
Another woman accompanying Mrs Anane said to be her sister verbally abused and cursed Mr.
Anane was seen shouting and wishing to know why her husband was singled out for investigations out of the many ministers of state in the country.
that generated so much media interest.
Richard Anane has said his re-nomination as a Transportation Minister could not be faulted since the president was in the right position to give explanations for his decisions.
Anane said it was one of the major means of transport in the country that has helped immensely in solving problems of road transportation in the country, however due to competition from other private firms all efforts to improve the quality of services delivered by the company have proven futile.
Anane said the ministry had recognised that the towns have potentials for the development of tourism and recreational resorts in addition to farming and fishing activities.
Anane said the towns are located on partially engineered feeder roads such as Abono Adwafo-Esaase-Banso-Tumabu Junction (10km), Abonon-Obo-Old Brodekwano (7km),Beposo-Ankaase-Duase-Dompa Juntion-Tumabu Junction.
Dr Richard Anane said that the Akontombra road is being done in two phases.
The Minister of Transportation, Dr Richard Anane has got the nod to contest the Nhyieaso constituency seat on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the December 7 parliamentary polls.
When the electoral commissioner announced that Dr Anane was the only candidate in the race and that popular acclamation was needed to confirm him, the delegates responded with deafening applause and subsequently approved him.
He found it strange how CHRAJ came to the conclusion that Dr Anane had committed perjury.
Dr Anane had misled a CHRAJ panel whilst under oath that he had remitted $30,000 to his mistress, while in a prior testimony before a Parliamentary Select Committee during his vetting as Minister of Road Transport in 2005, he told members that he had only remitted $10,000.
Justice Baffoe Bonnie said what made the matter serious was that Dr Anane was not made aware at the time by CHRAJ that he was being investigated for perjury.
According to Anna Bossman, Acting Commissioner for CHRAJ, the decision to investigate Dr Anane was made pursuant to Sections 7 and 18 of the Act establishing and governing the Commission.
The Commission said whilst opening negotiations on a project that was purported to be of help to the entirety of Ghanaians, Dr Anane turned the official relationship into an intimate one.
On the contrary, the Commission finds that evidence available does not support the allegations that the various remittances of Ms O’Brian by Dr Anane came from state coffers," she added.
Richard Anane has tendered his resignation to president John Kufuor.
Richard Anane was not corrupt and that he had not been involved in any corrupt deals…” Bartels said.