Minister of Merchant Marine and Island Policy Anastasios Papaligouras of Greece

Anastasios Papaligouras is the son of the right-wing politician Panayotis Papaligouras who was appointed minister many times between 1949 and 1976 (Coordination and Plan, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture.
Newly appointed Minister of Mercantile Marine, Anastasios Papaligouras, has began his first important briefing meetings with members of the Hellenic maritime community.
yesterday (for the first time) with the Committees President, Mr.
Presenting the draft bill to the press in detail during a later press conference, Papaligouras said that it was unrealistic to differentiate between corruption in the private and public sectors in the present day.
message that they now have support, protection, an outlet and a voice.
Papaligouras has drafted a new bill which includes far stiffer sentences for violent spouses or partners and for sex offenders against children.
Greece's new Merchant Marine, Aegean and Island Policy minister Anastasios Papaligouras was sworn in on Saturday by President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias, following the resignation the previous day of George Voulgarakis from the post Vougarakis tendered his resignation on Friday in the midst of a political furor over his use of offshore companies to ostensibly reduce his tax load from real estate holdings and related transactions.
Justice Minister Anastasios Papaligouras said he would submit legislation to parliament that would broaden penalties for corruption to include the private sector, and to punish superiors for offenses committed by subordinates.
It also prosecutes crimes which were previously not covered by the criminal code," Papaligouras said after meeting Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis.
Violence at sports stadia has become a real plague," Greek Justice Minister Anastasios Papaligouras said after meeting with Deputy Sports Minister George Orfanos.
Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and Justice Minister Anastasios Papaligouras met on Wednesday morning to discuss changes in the leadership of Greece's judiciary after several top judges went into retirement at the end of June.
prison in Albania, in an urgent bid to ease prison overcrowding in Greece.
More specifically, Papaligouras said he and his Albanian counterpart have agreed to immediately advance two plans, the first of which concerned the financing by Greece for the construction of a penitentiary in Albania for the transfer of Albanians currently serving long-term sentences in Greece.
Speaking on the state of Greek prisons today, Papaligouras said that there was a capacity of 5,584 inmates, while 8,541 inmates were currently incarcerated, which translated into an excess of 40-80 percent depending on the penitentiary.
Papaligouras said the reasons for the new programme were humanitarian, given that the Albanian inmates in Greek prisons would be able to serve their sentences near their relatives, but also financial, as the cost of detention in Greece was onerous.
Greek Justice Minister Anastasios Papaligouras said in parliament on Friday Greek citizens may have taken part in the atrocity but ruled out that they were members of the country's armed forces.
Justice Minister Anastasios Papaligouras says there are indications Greek nationals might have fought alongside Bosnian Serbs.