Minister of Tourism Aris Spiliotopoulos of Greece

Spiliotopoulos was first elected to Parliament on the state deputies' list with with New Democracy in April 2000.
Referring to the celebration, newly appointed Tourist Development Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos said that times are more demanding for Greek tourism today and the expectations of all who are involved are far greater.
Spiliotopoulos said his immediate priorities are the quality of tourism service, the development of ecological tourism and the importance of the Internet in promotional campaigns.
in new markets despite an unfavorable international economic conjuncture.
Aris Spiliotopoulos said During the course of our discussion we discovered, to our great joy, that we share many ideas and views regarding the further development of both tourist and economic relations between our two counties.
As the newly-appointed Minister of Tourism, Spiliotopoulos has ambitious plans.
Spiliotopoulos said at the end of his talks.
Aris Spiliotopoulos joined with local and international media and presented their new tourism policy and vision of Greece Tourism.
Spiliotopoulos said their number one priority is to develop in environmental concept.
Spiliotopoulos said that Greece should focus on 9 tourism elements; including mountain climbing, religious tourism, and people with disabilities.
Answering a question of not having adequate convention centers and controlling association, Spiliotopoulos said that they are aware of this situation.
Spiliotopoulos said Greece needs more investments in tourism.
Spiliotopoulos said that we want to cooperate with Turkey.
QUOTE Greek tourism, a linchpin of Greeces service-oriented economy, may weather the impact of the financial crisis better than many people expect, Tourism Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos said Tuesday.
Spiliotopoulos said that according to figures published by the National Statistics Service, tourist arrivals at the country's major airports were up 3.
Spiliotopoulos said the ministry will work towards resolving chronic problems hindering tourism development and improving the quality of tourism services.
Spiliotopoulos said in a speech of his in China, that the characteristic of the Greek culture is to focus on a simple citizen who finds the strength to resist mainstream practices, oppose regimes and the cruel ethics of authority, even be at odds with the aesthetics of society itself.
Spiliotopoulos discussed in Greek with these students, many of whom have Greek names.
Spiliotopoulos said the Greek tourism product must improve significantly.
The Tourism Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos said on Monday that Greece would once again meet the challenge, as it had done for the Olympic Games of 2004, organizing a sports event to the highest standards in 2011.