Minister of National Education and Religions Evripidis Stylianidis of Greece

Evripidis Stylianidis was born on 8 April 1966 in Maroneia, near Komotini in the Rhodope Prefecture of Thrace.
From 1997 until 2000, Stylianidis was a researcher at European Public Law Center (EPLC.
Greek Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis, visited the United States where he had a number of contacts with US administration officials.
2million to WFP John Powell, WFP’s Deputy Executive Director with Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis StylianidisRome, 10 May 2006 - Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis has announced a new donation of €1.
Stylianidis said that the overall programme for Laconia amounts to 24.
Stylianidis has published two books, one of legal nature in Germany and one of political nature in Greece.
Speaking to reporters at the end of the meeting, Stylianidis said that the educational issues was discussed and views were exchanged on innovations that can be applied in the sector of education.
Athens, 08/07/2005 (ANA)Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis met separately with theambassadors of the Netherlands, Iran, Egypt, India and Romania on Thursday.
Finally, during his meeting with Romanian Ambassador Cains Traian Dragomir,Stylianidis discussed the new priorities of the Greek Plan for EconomicReconstruction in the Balkans and the latter's upcoming visit to Romania.
New Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis is surrounded by journalists after meeting with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis yesterday.
At a crucial moment for education and for youth, it is very important for there to be messages like this, showing that there are children who can set a good example of morals and dedication to traditional values,” Stylianidis said after receiving the three 13-year-olds in his office.
exchanged on innovations that can be applied in the sector of education.
Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis took over for Hatzidakis, whereas Stylianidis' post was filled by Aris Spiliotopoulos, the tourism development minister.
Stylianidis said at the conference.
New Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis said the book was removed from the national curriculum after a panel of ministry experts reviewed it Monday.
Stylianidis took over the ministry after the elections from Marietta Giannakou, who was not re-elected to parliament.
Stylianidis has stated, this particular project is the first major project to be funded by our country in the region.
But newly appointed Education Minister Evripidis Stylianidis said yesterday it had to be withdrawn before it was distributed after a state organisation responsible for the content of Greek text books ruled the revisions were not far-reaching enough.
There is a growing danger of an accident with the concentration of many ships in the strait," Stylianidis said after the meetings in the northeastern city of Komotini, hosted by the Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, a regional trade forum founded in 1992.
But Greece's Stylianidis said most proposed pipeline routes were not competitive, but complementary.
Euripides Stylianidis said that Greece had allocated EUR 830.
Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis said the shipping, dubbed "Hellenic Aid", would take the form of a Greek Navy tank landing vessel, and the Cyprus Republic would offer the use of Larnaca port, according to a statement issued by Greece's Foreign Ministry.
Stylianidis said the second phase of humanitarian aid to Lebanon had begun, with various fundraising initiatives taking place.
Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis said on Saturday, referring to the violation of Greek territorial waters by a Turkish coast guard vessel near the islets of Imia earlier in the day, "Greek sovereign rights are non-negotiable" and added that "such actions do not facilitate Turkey's European prospects.
Stylianidis was speaking on the sidelines of the conference of his Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) counterparts which ended in the northern city of Komotini on Saturday.
world in the promotion of Greek products and exports.