President Karolos Papoulias of Greece

Papoulias expressed support for the Mideast peace process and hope that it would finally reach a happy conclusion.
Born in the city of Ioannina, Papoulias is the son of Major General Gregorios Papoulias.
Papoulias said it was good news that Chinese universities have set up Greek language courses and the Confucius Institutes in Greece will also offer good chances for the Greek people to know more about Chinese culture.
Noting that he was pleased Greece and China have successfully hosted the first two Olympiads in the new century, Papoulias said he hoped the two events can further promote the cultural and sport exchanges between the two countries.
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Papoulias is due to depart for Shanghai on Wednesday.
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Papoulias is the son of Major GeneralMajor General Major General or Major-General is a military rank used in many countries.
A former pole-vault and volley ball champion, Papoulias has been chairman of the National Sports Association since 1985.
Political career Resistance against the Nazis and the Junta Papoulias was active in the resistanceGreek Resistance The Greek Resistance is the blanket term for a number of armed and unarmed groups from across the political spectrum that re.
Karolos Papoulias has always been very supportive of any step towards détente, peace and disarmament e.
When visiting the eastern coastal city, Papoulias said the Greek people are.
June 26 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Greek President Karolos Papoulias said here Thursday he believed the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be a monument in the Olympic history.
When visiting the eastern coastal city, Papoulias said the Greek people are overjoyed.
Vietnam President Nguyen Minh Triet and his Greek counterpart Karolos Papoulias discussed political developments in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.
PPI Dec 30/01 NA Retail Sales Nov THURSDAY, JANUARY 15 ATHENS - Greek President Karolos Papoulias meets the President of the Republic of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo, at the Presidential Hall.
President Karolos Papoulias is seen on Friday throwing a wreath off a navy ship near the main port of Tinos, where the sinking of the battleship Elli by an Italian submarine on August 15, 1940, marked Greece’s entry to World War Two.
In response, Papoulias said that Tuesday's outcome in Parliament, justifies the constitutional requirement that calls for consensus in the presidential election.
Papandreou noted that Papoulias was elected by a wide parliamentary majority and highlighted the fact that Papoulias is a former member of PASOK.
Focusing on Turkey, President Papoulias said "we support its European prospects.
On the question of Cyprus, President Papoulias said that the problem "remains an issue of invasion and occupation of an independent country, a member-state of the UN and of the European Union.
Athens - Karolos Papoulias was sworn in as the country's 6th President of the Republic, since the end of the junta era in 1974, at noon on Saturday and said he is assuming his duties at a difficult time for the country.
President Papoulias said in reply that he was moved by his predecessor's words, adding that he had also been moved by him in the past "when you had been expressing your concern over major national issues" and that "you succeeded in becoming the voice of the form of government and of the average citizen who is struggling for a better tomorrow and a fairer world.
Concluding his address, President Papoulias said the outgoing president is "leaving a heavy heritage" and stressed that he will try to live up to what he had created.
Arriving in Saint Petersburg, President Papoulias met at the city's Government House with the Governor of Russia's "second" capital, Valentina Matvienko.
premier said he believed the choice to be both correct and bold.
PASOK leader George Papandreou hailed the excellent nomination, adding that Papoulias has all the necessary qualifications for the job.
Karolos Papoulias is the President of Greece.
Papoulias was fitted for a pace maker during an operation in December 2008, during the Greece riots.
Papoulias came to prominence as a resistance member, fighting against Nazi occupation of Greece during World War II.
Papoulias has generally worked for greater cooperation between nations and also for mutual disarmament.
Papoulias was born in the city of Ioannina on June 4, 1929.
A founding member of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) and close associate to Andreas Papandreou, Papoulias has been elected MP of Ioannina in the legislative elections of 1977, 1981, 1985, 1989 (June and November), 1990, 1993, 1996 and 2000.
Karolos Papoulias is married to Maria Panou and has three daughters.
Karolos Papoulias was born on June 4th, 1929, in Ioannina, Epirus.
Papoulias had studied Sanskrit in Germany and the reason to study the Indian classical language was to understand India better.
Papoulias said India played a particularly significant and stabilising role in the world especially during the independence movement, which was one of the most important 20th century events.
Papoulias said though there has been significant progress in the field of economic relations between the two countries, there was still great scope for growth.
Karolos Papoulias was sworn in as President of Greece on 12 March 2005, after having been elected by an unprecedented 279 votes in the country's 300-seat parliament.
In the course of his long career, Papoulias has been a pole vault champion, an attorney, a political activist, a member of parliament, an official of the national volleyball team, and president of the National Athletics Association.
President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias received the country's political, military, judicial, religious and intellectual leaders on Thursday for the traditional New Year's Day exchange of good wishes.
Hellenic Republic President Karolos Papoulias received the board members of ActionAid on Wednesday and commended Kenyan teacher Tobias Nyabola for his humanitarian action.
President Karolos Papoulias was yesterday fitted with a pacemaker after being admitted to the hospital where tests showed he had an irregular heartbeat.
ATHENS - Greek President Karolos Papoulias received Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan in Athens on Tuesday.
Papoulias said that FM Babacan`s visit (to Athens) is like a preparation of Greek PM Costas Karamanlis` visit to Ankara.
Noting that he exerted efforts in the past to boost Turkish- Greek relations, Papoulias said that Yilmaz-Papoulias agreement (which includes first confidence-building measures and signed by Greek FM Karolos Papoulias and Turkish FM Mesut Yilmaz in 1988) has still not been developed, adding that this should be improved, and Turkish and Greek people should live in peace and cooperation.
President Karolos Papoulias is the head of state for Greece.
President of Republic Karolos Papoulias on Wednesday received members of the Childrens Villages SOS at the presidential mansion.
In his message of condolences, Greek President Karolos Papoulias said he shared the deep sorrow of the people and the government of Cyprus.
Hellenic Republic President Karolos Papoulias received on Tuesday Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) President Alexis Tsipras who expressed.
of delegations from the two countries.