Ambassador to the US Denis Antoine of Grenada

to the Organization of American States (OAS.
in Nuevo Leon, Mexico - January 2004.
for the Government of the District of Columbia - 1991-1992.
Antoine has now been Grenada's envoy to the United States for nine years, which makes him one of the longest-serving diplomats in Washington.
Antoine is also closely monitoring a bill before Congress that would soften some of the regulatory requirements associated with investing in the Caribbean.
Meanwhile, Antoine is preoccupied with raising money to help Grenada rebuild.
As dean, Ambassador Antoine has specific duties in the OAS such as deputising for the secretary general.
Ambassador Antoine was not to diplomacy born.
Ambassador Antoine is a vigorous proponent of Caribbean integration, viewing this as a natural result of his island background.
Grenada will always be grateful and say thanks to the United States for what it has done, but our expectations are high, and whether or not we have benefitted as fully as we could from this relationship is still to be determined," Antoine says quite diplomatically.
Denis Antoine is contactable through the LCF press office - call Anna on 020 7514 7701, or at a.
efforts, Ambassador Antoine was hopeful about his countrys future.