Attorney General Jimmy Bristol of Grenada

Jimmy Bristol is known not to depend on crumbs off the table of any politician and therefore can afford to stand up and make his points without any fear of reproach or retribution.
Bristol was responding to earlier comments made by medical doctor and New National Party political activist, Dr.
Apart from his legal work, Bristol has been one of the main promoters of the Grenada Sailing Festival being held this weekend.
Georges Grenada: Local Attorney Jimmy Bristol has described the civil law suit filed by the Attorney General as one compounding a situation in which he believes the constitutional right of the executive of the opposition National Democratic Congress was infringed upon.
Bristol says he understands that government has admitted that the officer was acting on its behalf and in that case, a law suit to recover items reportedly taken from the officer is justified.
Bristol is worried that what is playing out in Grenada brings back memories of the pre 1979 era and situations that exist in Zimbabwe, and Kenya and this he says is not spelling well for the country.
According to Horsford, the action of Bristol is yet another attempt by him and his administration to harass and attack the former Prime Minister at any cost and to mislead the nation.
Bristol said the GBA felt duty bound'' to provide the Grenadian public with a holistic view of the government's disregard of the law,'' including several failed court challenges against lawyers and judges.
Bristol said Wildman, his superiors, his followers and his cohorts have carried out a campaign of harassment of our judiciary and our legal profession for the last 13 years.
Bristol said lawyers are independent'' and the only thing that stands between tyranny and free people is an independent bar and judiciary.