Minister of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, Energy, and Foreign Trade Nazim Burke of Grenada

Nazim Burke is a politician from the island of Grenada.
Burke said the entire welfare budget had been spent in the first half of the fiscal year, which ends in December.
Finance and Planning Minister Nazim Burke is also confident that the governments action, which would be outlined in the 2009 budget, will position Grenada to benefit when the global economy rebounds.
Weve said, for example, that we would as short-term measures immediately abolish the National Reconstruction Levy (NRL), Burke said in an interview on the morning television show, Breakfast Club.
Minister Burke says his government also plans to establish an emergency health fund to assist poor families faced with emergency health problems and who require treatment abroad.
Finance Minister Nazim Burke has blamed the country's financial woes on the previous administration of Keith Mitchell, charging that it left an empty treasury for the new Tillman Thomas government which took over after the July 8 elections.
Nazim Burke says that claims by the ruling New National Party (NNP) that the NDC is planning a structural adjustment programme for the country is nothing but election scare tactics.
Burke said that two years ago the NNP government signed on to a PRGF programme, and the NNP administration is refusing to admit to the people that Grenada is in the throes of a structural adjustment programme.
But Burke said that he does not think Grenadian voters would want to halt the election or have it declared null and void.
Nazim Burke has met with a visiting IMF team to share government’s plans for the development of the Grenadian economy and his approach to the management of the economy.
Burke is also concerned about the excessive expenditure on poorly targeted social programmes and employment contracts awarded just before the elections.
Finance Minister Nazim Burke says where taxpayers agree to promptly settle all outstanding taxes, government will grant a 100 per cent waiver on interest and penalties.
Burke says the arrears has been impacting negatively on government's revenue and is hindering its performance and expansion of the private sector.
have not had any increase in salary for over a two-year period.
Burke says” people have been living on prime agricultural lands”Burke says that we in Grenada still wish to be driving along the Lagoon Road and be able to see the Carenage.
How foolish he think we are?Burke says there are Four hundred Grenadian living abroad and when he look around what he sees is a growing contempt of for the NNP, and the fact that “the image of our country has experienced more hurt and pain under this administration than under any other” Burke’s potent case of amnesia has him forgetting that he was a part of the reason we had a bloody revolution, the brutal slaying of one of our most charismatic leaders and his cabinet, and then the traumatizing of the Grenada population for days under gun-point and curfew.
My suggestion to Burke is to take off the shades and look a little closer we are not stupid.
GEORGES, Grenada-NEWLY appointed Finance Minister for Grenada, Nazim Burke has informed the media that the countrys finances are in an absolute mess and has raised questions if the newly appointed Tillman Thomas government will be able to meet the monthly salaries of government workers.
Burke has expressly blamed the financial woes on the outgoing Keith Mitchells New National Party administration and their misappropriation of funds to ill conceived social programmes and employment contracts just before the elections.
Prior to making his concerns public, Burke met with members of the International Monetary Fund to explain the shortcomings of Mitchells government and arrange a comprehensive review of Grenadas economy in mid-September.
Burke says persons owing corporate and personal income tax, general consumption and property tax, are eligible for the amnesty.
Grenadas Finance Minister Nazim Burke says steps should be taken to increase the islands competitiveness and outlook on the international market.
Mr Burke says Grenada cannot continue to slide down the ladder and need to become more business friendly.