Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of Grenada

Tillman Thomas has congratulated Grenadians who were honored by the Queen in her 2009 New Years Honours List.
Tillman Thomas has signaled the government’s intention to “rebalance” the society without “any victimisation.
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Thomas was founding member of the NDC in 1987 and was appointed as its assistant general secretary between 1987 and 1990.
Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says he is committed to giving Carriacou and Petit Martinique a fair share of development, describing the islands tourism potential as excellent.
Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Tillman Thomas has described as mere propaganda claims being made in certain quarters that he will be overthrown by members of his own government if he becomes the next Prime Minister of Grenada.
Thomas was at the time speaking at the candidacy launch of Alleyne Walker for the Constituency of St.
Former NDC member, Kenny Lalsingh who is now associated with NNP charged at a recent political meeting that Thomas is not a leader but a ladder and that the trio intend to use him to climb into power.
In responding to the charges, Thomas said the records will show that when he was a junior minister in the first NNP government of late Prime Minister, Herbert Blaize Government he challenged Keith Mitchell and his corruption.
In dismissing the claims Thomas said it is the guilt of NNP Members that is haunting them.
Delma Thomas is the NNP candidate for the St.
Thomas said that while the ruling party lays claims to being committed to education, three students are being denied the opportunity to travel overseas on an educational Caricom quiz.
At 63-years-old Tillman Thomas has livedthrough every single political administration in Grenada since the island attained political independence from Britain in February 1973.
Thomas says he has his own vision for Grenada, one that is "free, alandofequal opportunity, a land of tolerance, fair play and prosperity.
Thomas is hoping that he can fulfil that vision on July 8.
GEORGES, Grenada, CMC - Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says his five-month-old National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration is fully committed to the independence of the judiciary and will not attempt to interfere in its work.
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 ST GEORGES, Grenada: Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has committed his government to strengthening the relationship between Grenada and the United States.
In addition to being Prime Minister, Thomas took the portfolios of Legal Affairs, National Security, Information, and Public Administration.
She said Prime Minister Thomas was becoming chair of the organization as a very critical time in the regions development.
Tillman Thomas says his government is determined to restore Grenada ’s image in the international financial arena.
Read More >>>10/17/2008 || PM THOMAS MEETS WITH DELEGATION FROM CHINAPrime Minister Tillman Thomas on Thursday met with a visiting Congressional delegation from China, headed by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, Li Zhaoxing.
Attorney Tillman Thomas is now officially Grenada’s 7th Prime Minister after a swearing in ceremony at the Grenada Trade Centre on Wednesday.
Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has cautioned people here against going after what is dangled before their eyes as easy cash.
Prime Minister Tillman Thomas is looking ahead to 2009 with optimism.
Thomas took the oath of office yesterday from Governor-General Sir Daniel Williams at a ceremony held at the Grenada Trade Centre in Grand Anse, St George's.
PORT-OF-SPAIN - Grenada's new Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says the time has come for all 15 Caribbean Community (Caricom) member states to begin the establishment of a political union, even as his country is now engaged in formal talks with Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines regarding such a union.
com 1/2/2009 10:23:18 AMGrenada's Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says improving the agriculture sector will be a priority in 2009 as the country seeks to not only pull.
Grenada Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has called on the United States to amend its foreign policy stance toward the Caribbean warning that a big stick approach will no longer work.
A CMC report states Thomas said that one of the Presidential candidates seems to have recognised that when he stated that we have paid the price for a foreign policy that lectures without listening that divides US from one another and from the world, instead of calling US for a common purpose.
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Tillman ThomasTillman Thomas has a vision for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique as a peaceful, prosperous and progressive nation in which people feel empowered to continuously improve the quality of their lives.
Tillman Thomas is an honest, reliable and trustworthy leader a man of integrity.
Tillman Thomas was born in Hermitage, St.
Once again Tillman Thomas has demonstrated that it can be done.
Tillman Thomas is a diehard defender of good governance.
Tillman Thomas is married to Sandra and they have 4 children.
Prime Minister Thomas said the democratic process must be respected for the way transition from one government to another is done.
today | Media, Thomas, Freedom, Members, Government | Grenada to implement Freedom of Information Act - Prime Minister of Grenada Tillman Thomas has re.
following his partys overwhelming victory in Tuesdays general election.
Tillman Thomas has called for a renewed thrust among OECS states for the strengthening of the integration process, describing it as one of the best options for the sub-region in the face of globalization.
Thomas said that his new administration would significantly reduce import duties on a select basket of essential goods, and initiate programmes that would lead to increased food production and consumption.
Thomas has always had a love for gospel as many country singers have professed to.
Before Thomas was driving age, he would look in local newspapers and spot African American gospel revivals in the area and ask his mother to drive him there so he could be among great gospel singing and participate.
Thomas has always been a people lover and he was never intimidated about sitting in a congregation of people who were not the same race as himself.
There was his fathers brief and happy homecoming, and then his fathers very untimely death when Thomas was just nineteen years old, as he was finally enjoying having his father in his life.
With the love and support of his mother, sister and family and the fact that he has always stayed grounded in his Christian roots, Thomas remains fiercely determined and positive.
When Thomas was 17, he began thinking seriously about performing publicly, and saved money he had earned to go into a studio, and record a two song demo.
In December 1984, Thomas was elected to the House of Representatives from St.
Following the NDCs defeat in the 1999 general election, in which it failed to win any seats, Thomas was elected as party leader in October 2000.
On July 9, Thomas was sworn in as Prime Minister at the Grenada Trade Centre in Grand Anse, St.