Prime Minister Carlos Correia of Guinea-Bissau

During Guinea-Bissau's war for independence, Correia was a member of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), which ruled the country until 1999.
In the administration of Francisco Mendès in the 1970s, Correia was Minister of Finance.
After Kumba Ialá took office as President, Correia was arrested, along with da Costa and four other former ministers, in February 2000.
Correia was tasked with leading the government as it prepared for a legislative election in November 2008.
A new government headed by Correia was appointed on 9 August; aside from Correia himself, it included 21 ministers and seven secretaries of state.
Correia is a common Portuguese surname, meaning "leather strap.
Carlos Correia was educated at the University of Cape Town.
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