Ambassador to the US Bayney Karran of Guyana

A GUYANESE family trapped in the devastating floods that have swept the northern coastal section of Venezuela is among the thousands airlifted from the death zone, Guyana's Ambassador in Caracas, Mr Bayney Karran said yesterday.
The death toll from the horrific tragedy continued to rise yesterday (see story on page nine) but Karran said there have been no reports of fatalities or injuries among Guyanese residents.
Karran said the airport near Catia La Mar is closed because about 80 per cent of the workers at the airport are dead, missing or homeless.
Ambassador Karran said his country had received some 40 inches of rain in the last month, about four times the normal rainfall.
Karran said that when Foreign Minister, Mr.
Karran expressed the optimism in remarks Friday to several Guyanese gathered at the Crown Plaza Hotel, New York, La Guardia to mark the 38th Republic anniversary.
WASHINGTON, USA: Guyana's Ambassador to the United States and the Organisation of American States, Bayney Karran has been recognised by an international organisation for his commitment to the sustainable development of the Caribbean and the Americas, and especially for his pioneering role in mobilising members of the Caribbean Diaspora to respond to the floods which have affected more than half of Guyana's population.
In addition to his legal work, Ambassador Karran has worked in the field of broadcasting, including stints as an announcer, operator, program producer and chairman of the board of directors for the Guyana Broadcasting Corp.
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