Minister in the Office of the President (Foreign Affairs) Carolyn Rodrigues of Guyana

Rodrigues was appointed to the Cabinet as Minister of Amerindian Affairs in April 2001.
Rodrigues is only 5 feet 3 inches tall, after all.
Rodrigues said she met with Morandy yesterday at which time the diplomat gave an undertaking that there would be no recurrence.
What this clearly proves is that Carolyn Rodrigues was given these mean spirited and vindictive instructions to stop aid going to the affected farmers and others in Buxton.
consulted again to determine the way forward.
Ms Rodrigues is from Santa Rosa, North West District, Region One, and is the youngest Minister in the Cabinet, and the first female Minister of Amerindian Affairs.
Rodrigues was eager to become a career person and her first working experience was at Mazaharally and Sons.
Rodrigues had the opportunity of meeting with Amerindians from all districts of Guyana.
Rodrigues is conscious of President Jagdeo's charge that Ministers must go out and reach the people and remember they are the people's servants.
outreach exercised aimed at assessing the communities needs.
In response to enquiries, Rodrigues said because Amerindians have traditional rights they can still farm on state lands even if they posses leases, the release said.
Minister of Amerindian Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues said increased international law cooperation like that which will be provided under the Inter-American Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters ratified by the National Assembly, was becoming increasingly necessary with the growth in trans-border crimes.
Ms Rodrigues said one important measure to address the problem was to enhance the ability of local law enforcement officials to cooperate effectively with overseas counterparts in investigating and prosecuting international criminal cases.
Amerindians are also being trained by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission to be Mines Officers, but Rodrigues said while many are concerned about mining in interior locations, education tops the list of priorities for the Ministry.
As more than 30 communities prepare to host Amerindian Heritage Month activities under the theme 'Igniting Our Indigenous Roots Amidst Change', Rodrigues said the usual exchange of brotherliness should continue year-long.
Rodrigues said the Government's policy is to ensure they are treated fairly, with equal opportunities for development, and the month of heritage celebration has been helping to increase their consciousness and pride.
Rodrigues has led the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs over the last seven years.
It is the second time Rodrigues is making history.
In 1991 Rodrigues was awarded a scholarship by the Canadian Government to Saskatchewan Federated College, which is part of the University of Regina in Canada.
Minister Rodrigues said the residents reported that the heavy rainfall which began in December 2005, severely affected their cultivation of peanuts and cash crops, especially cassava.
However, it was the claim by PNCR Member of Parliament (MP), Ms Volda Lawrence that cutting the 16 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) on cassava bread, farine, and casareep, would not significantly affect the life of Guyanese that Rodrigues said hurt the most.
Rodrigues said her Ministry has had discussions with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport to extend scholarships to those who excel in sports, if their parents want to send them.
Rodrigues said the Government wished to remind the Committee that Amerindians shared the same fundamental rights and freedoms as all Guyanese citizens, as well as all the same guarantees under the law.
Rodrigues said that there were nine: the Arecuna, Arawak, Akawaio, Carib, Macusi, Patamona, Warrau, Wapisiana and Wai Wai, and noted that the Arawaks were the largest group.
Rodrigues said that out of a total population of 68,000 Amerindians, currently 20,530, or approximately one third, were enrolled in education, the average attendance was 76 per cent, and the drop-out rate was 3 per cent.
The Office of the President made the announcement in a statement yesterday, noting that Minister Rodrigues has become the first woman and the first Amerindian to head the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Rodrigues had served as Minister of Amerindian Affairs since March, 2001 when the People’s Progressive Party/Civic was re-elected to the seat of government for a third straight term.
New Guyanese FM Assumes her PostGeorgetown, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) Carolyn Rodrigues is to assume her post as Foreign Minister of Guyana on Thursday, replacing Rudy Insanally, who retired on health grounds.
During a visit to Region Eight, Rodrigues met with 11 Amerindian communities, who are mainly Patamonas, to garner support for Carifesta.
Georgetown, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) Carolyn Rodrigues is to assume her post as Foreign Minister of Guyana on Thursday, replacing Rudy Insanally, who retired on health grounds.