Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee of Guyana

In his youth, Rohee joined the PPP's Progressive Youth Organization.
At a ceremony marking Guyana's assumption of chairmanship in January 1999, Rohee said that the international monetary system was at "risk for devastating failure" and was "severely flawed", pointing to the Asian financial crisis and calling for reform of the system.
Rohee is a member of the Central Committee and the Executive Committee of the PPP.
clement rohee is following hot on the heels of ranald gajraj, a former minister of home affairs and criminal.
Clement Rohee is in Trinidad for the the Caricom National Security Ministers meeting and back to his old tricks he is lying through his teeth about the Bartica Lusignan massacres.
At his end-of-year press conference yesterday, Rohee was asked whether he felt there was a breach of the regulations since the prisoners, most of whom are said to have had links to the now dead Rondell ‘Fineman’ Rawlins, managed to leave their cells and one of them, Sherwin Moses also known as Sherwin Nero made it on foot all the way to Rasville.
Yesterday Rohee said focus should not be placed on Moses but rather on the five others who were recaptured and credit should be given to the members of the joint services.
Rohee was asked about the fact that prisoners seemed to have ready access to instruments which aid them in their escape bids.
Reading from a prepared statement, Rohee said during the year while there were a few incidents that “are not worthy of mention at this time”, the Guyana Prison Service has been able to remain focused on its goals in spite of the constraints it faced.
Rohee wants Parole Board to face public scrutiny Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee says the newly-reconstituted.
Rohee sets up enquiry into Mazaruni jailbreak Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has established a.
Rohee awaiting Mazaruni escape enquiry report Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is yet to.
Something sinister about Mazaruni break-out -Rohee Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee says that the.
Guyana will strengthen the control of its porous borders and increase security cooperation with its neighbours to help curb the distribution and use of small arms by criminal networks here, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said yesterday as the police destroyed old and outdated firearms.
Quoting local statistics, Rohee said that handguns account for more than 38% of homicides, while shotguns account for 6.
Rohee said those who live and work in the criminal world were already feeling the impact of the work being done as the law enforcement agencies and the joint services were “dealing blow after blow to the criminals and their organizations in Guyana.
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Guns, drug smuggling still cause for concern but police have performed well in 2008, Rohee says but police have performed well in 2008, Rohee.
Some police reforms already in place - Rohee Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee says some.
In a widely-welcomed opening address, Rohee said recent events in Venezuela on the surface associated with the centenary of the 1899 arbitral award (which defined the current border) have underscored the fact that on that side, positions and attitudes have not changed in any fundamental way despite the passage of time.
Rohee said Venezuela had maintained relentless uncompromising pressure to weaken our will, destroy our spirit and enforce divisions among US when our only strength lies in total solidarity and national unity on this issue.
Noting Guyana's limited options as a small nation, Rohee said that despite its size, this country has since independence from Britain in 1966 been able to quite successfully.
In his address, Rohee said equal emphasis must be placed on matters such as national sensitisation and education, the strengthening of relationships between regions, in particular those that have borders with Guyana's neighbours.
Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has assured that the persons guilty of negligence leading to escape of multiple murder accused Jermaine Skinny Charles will face the full force of the law.
Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has reiterated the need for members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to improve on their intelligence gathering, which, with the changing nature of crime has proven to be crucial in the crime fight.
There is some slow but sure progress being made, Minister Rohee said whilst speaking to the Government Information Agency.
statement by US Trade Representative Mrs.
countries was a 'very bitter' one.
Congress/Reform (PNC/R) member, Mr.
but his application is still under consideration by the office in Washington.
Rohee said that the raison d'etre of the Group of 77 and China - the largest association of developing countries in the world today - has at no time been more patently vindicated than now, at the dawn of a new era, when priorities of the South continue to be subsumed by the imperatives of the North.
HOME Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee has issued an appeal to drivers to slow down against the backdrop of an escalation in road fatalities of over 50 percent higher than last years figure.
In his address to mark the beginning of Road Safety Week, Rohee said this years theme Stop the Carnage, Slow Down, amply applies to the current situation on the roadways.
Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has announced that the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) is working on a national strategy on road safety which will make it an obligation for all stakeholders to assist in keeping the countrys roadways safe.
Rohee said Dr Jagan entered the Legislative Council at a time when it was an institution dominated by the representatives of the colonial power and the local elite and was an institution of a class power combination with the sole purpose to perpetuate colonial rule and make it more sophisticated and acceptable to the working class, the poor and the powerless in the colony.
Rohee said one of the overriding factors that must be taken into account when we assess where we are now is the fact that the Party still maintain a mass style of work and mass support.
trials and lighter penalties for first-time offenders.
by Robert Persaud, press secretary to President Jagdeo.
My ministry has exercised a lot of patience with the organisers of showsÉwe had set out conditions under which these shows are to be held, but these were not followed," Rohee said in reference to Bounty Killer's recent show in Guyana, where the deejay reportedly performed a number of his controversial songs.
Foreign Minister Clement Rohee was yesterday assured by his Venezuelan counterpart, Jose Vicente Rangel that troop movements near the Guyana border posed no threat to this country's territorial integrity and national sovereignty.
It added that Rohee had responded seeking clarification of Caracas' reservations.
more work still to be done Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has expressed satisfaction with the work done by the Guyana Police Force in effectively dealing with the main challenges it faced throughout the year.
Given the socio-economic and political reality in Guyana, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee says that he is satisfied with the current level of educational.
Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee says that he is not prepared to facilitate visits to the Alberttown and Brickdam lock-ups by interested Parliamenta-rians.
but police have performed well in 2008, Rohee says The rampant smuggling of firearms which are then used by criminals to sometimes commit some of the most heinous crimes is a continued source of concern for.
According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release Rohee said similar donations.
the private sector has to get this thing up and running” - Minister of Home Affairs Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is unhappy with the non-implementation of the Crime Stoppers Programme in Guyana.
Speaking with The West Indian at the Naresa Palace in Queens, New York, on Sunday November 23rd, Rohee said that while the security forces have been able to dismantle and ultimately kill Rondell Fineman Rawlins and many members of his notorious gang that had shed the blood of many innocent Guyanese, crime remains a challenge for the entire country.
Rohee was part of the Guyana Government team, which included President Bharat Jagdeo and Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud, that attended an Agro-business Investment Opportunities Seminar and mini exhibition in New York.
Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee expressed particular concern about the "high presence of African nationals particularly Nigerians who are entering the country illegally from Brazil and Venezuela.
In relation to reported trafficking of Guyanese nationals, Mr Rohee said the government was pleased with its cooperation and collaboration with the authorities in Trinidad and Tobago in addressing allegations of human trafficking of Guyanese nationals through a Trinidad and Tobago/ Guyana network.
Guyana's Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee said the pact, being referred to as the 'Nieuw-Nickerie Declaration', would also establish a permanent 24-hour communication channel between the security forces of the two countries and enhance the exchange of intelligence and expertise.
Mr Rohee said the expectation was that the new accord would buttress crime fighting efforts currently taking place at the national, regional and hemispheric levels.
Rohee said the Government is committed to providing the Police with the requisite resources to enable the performance of their lawful duties in a manner that is satisfactory of the force and the public.
Some 11 persons died last this year as a result of fires, and another 405 were left homeless, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has said.
The report said, 'following his (Bounty Killer's) performance, Guyana's Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee said the promoters had given a commitment that the artiste would not sing songs that promote violence.
careful consideration of their track records.
com GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Guyanas Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee says that, as far as he is aware, there is no phantom gang operat9ng in the country.
Rohee said that he is aware of persons who used to be associated with the so-called phantom gang, but he is unaware of whether they are carrying out activities that are associated with criminality.
Rohee has lashed out at persons whom he claims are trying to create another headache for the police following the successful tracking down and subsequent elimination of wanted man Rondell Rawlins and members of his gang.
But Mark Benschop, a former treason accused also expressed a lack of trust for the police, has met with Commissioner of Police Henry Greene and reportedly provided information on what he described as a plan to execute him by persons associated with a phantom squad, but Rohee described Lewiss actions as irresponsible.
But Rohee said that the persons who are speaking out against the police force are fuelling a negative perception of the organization.
With regards to the Mark Benschop issue, Rohee said that Benschop had done the wise thing by providing information, even though he had expressed his distrust for the force during his meeting with the acting Commissioner.
Rohee said the Bill goes in-depth to Driving under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol and seeks to address the age-old problem, noting that DUI was one of the major causes of the high carnage on the roadways.
In his address, Rohee said that over 350,000 cellular phones are presently in circulation in Guyana.
Rohee was given the full support of the National Assembly.
GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) – Guyana’s Foreign Trade and International Co-operation Minister Clement Rohee said the effective utilisation of skilled labour within the proposed Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) is the correct integration policy and approach to the economic development of the Caribbean.
A Government Information News Agency (GINA) statement said Rohee has recommended that the Caricom Secretariat conduct regular evaluations of the actual implementation and operation of the regime on free movement, focusing on assessments of the positive and negative impact on each member state.
Rohee said that while there were no easy answers to people’s understandable anxieties on the issue of free movement of skills, Guyana has made considerable progress where this issue is concerned.
Rohee said Guyana and other Caricom member states have implemented the free movement regime except for one aspect, which involves the movement of managerial, supervisory and technical wage earners and self-employed skilled service providers.
But Guyanese Interior Minister Clement Rohee said that Kerik sent a statement to Trinidadian authorities saying he could not travel while US.
Rohee said such a manipulative practice was replayed in Seattle through the infamous Green Room process (invitation-only small group negotiations headed usually by the Quad and confined to their trusted allies), which totally marginalised the overwhelming membership and hijacked the Seattle conference, reducing many poor country ministers to mere tourists.