Minister Within Local Government Clinton Collymore of Guyana

Clinton Collymore was the Chief Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in Guyana.
Collymore was responding to comments by Oscar Clarke, the PNCR's general secretary that any changes in the city council should be done through local government elections.
Collymore said at least one Council had been dissolved and an IMC put in its place.
Collymore said workers will now all be earning above the minimum level.
The unilateral declaration of a deadlock in the local government reform task force by former government minister and longstanding PPP activist Mr Clinton Collymore has not come as a surprise.
This is the scale of the project that Mr Collymore has the gumption to declare has arrived at a deadlock and he is now to refer it to Cabinet.
Former Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development Clinton Collymore was yesterday admitted to the Georgetown Hospital after complaining of chest pains.
be produced, given the constraints.
Collymore said the budget was a fair and honest appraisal of government's performance over the period.
Collymore said the government was not afraid of criticism and challenged detractors to say what they will do to better the economy and from where they would obtain the money to service the schemes.
Georgetown, GINA, January 28, 2005 - Minister in the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Clinton Collymore today met with Georgetown City Council officials in the Ministry’s boardroom to discuss the flood situation, the works taking place on the City’s drainage systems, how the works are being financed and the needs of the Council.