Minister of Legal Affairs Doodnauth Singh of Guyana

Before electing to address the jury, Singh had called 263 witnesses in the almost two-year-long hearing in support his contention that the Petitioner did not make out a case as she had set out to do with the aid of 17 witnesses.
Singh said that Perreira had requested an order from the High Court declaring the said election or any part thereof to have been ineffective and to order that fresh Elections be held in whole or part for the purpose of rectifying the said results.
After referring to the petitioner's allegations about the existence of unsigned Statements of Poll and undistributed voter ID cards, Mr Singh said that the ID cards were introduced throughout the country to get away from the pattern in the past where people used to vote on several occasions.
Justice Singh has stated that while the law permitted her to look at ballots, there was no such provision in the law for voter identification cards.
Mr Singh said Downer's evidence was to the effect that he collected Statements of Poll (SOPs), ballot boxes and that he prepared his report and submitted same to the Chief Elections Officer.
Referring to the decision in which Justice Claudette Singh had said that because of the state of the law she could scrutinise a ballot but could not do the same thing with a voter identification card, Mr Singh advocated that the particular law will have to be amended.
Pointing out that while he was not criticising the ruling, Singh said he was placing the blame on the legislature for not taking the latter into account when the law was amended to provide for the introduction of voter ID cards.
Singh had earlier this month told the President, in a letter released to certain sections of the local press, he would resign if the promised perks were not granted.
EC Chairman, Doodnauth Singh has promised the voting day process will be smooth and efficient as there will be more polling stations and the numbers served by each division will be considerably reduced.
Singh is the alleged shipper and had used the same method and broker before, the source said.
Singh said too, that 121 cases were pending on the East Coast Demerara since the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court was only able to dispose of 3 cases in 2007.
Bheri Ramsarran (Minister within the Ministry of Health)Singh And NandallallThe high ranking PPP source who spoke exclusively to Living Guyana (but under the condition of anonymity) revealed the key positions of Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs will be handed to lawyer Anil Nandalall as Doodnauth Singh has already been convinced to go into retirement.
Singh but was met with disinterest as Singh is currently enjoying a lucrative position with the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company.
Georgetown — Elections Commission Chairman, Doodnauth Singh says electoral assistance, including pledges from donors will be sufficient to hold this year's general polls.
Singh said additional staff will be recruited for maintenance.
Singh had intervened on his own behalf, Mr.
GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC - Chief Justice and acting Chancellor Karl Singh is to hear opening arguments Monday on a High Court writ filed by the Alliance For Change (AFC) for a declaration on the delay in convening the Ninth Legislature.
Since their first meeting Jagdeo has publicly stated that Chief Justice Carl Singh is his candidate to fill the Chancellors vacancy but he has not scheduled a follow-up meeting with Corbin, saying that a committee is searching for an ideal Chief Justice candidate.
Observers suspect that the amendment is intended to dilute the powers of the Chief Justice in the event that Chief Justice Carl Singh is appointed Chancellor, along with a Chief Justice that the government does not look favourably on.
Attorney-General Doodnauth Singh said Washington had consistently withheld resources and key information, including the names of more than a dozen Guyanese businessmen the United States has targeted for extradition.
January 14th, 20090More Crime & Law Sports NewsJohnson throwing his support behind SinghNow that incumbent Chetram Singh has publicly announced that he is seeking re-election as President.
court, Guyana's Attorney General Doodnauth Singh said Friday.
Parliament, clearing the way for the first meeting today.
PUTTING YOUR HOUSE IN ORDERAttorney-General Doodnauth Singh says it is obvious that Blair's statement was a signal to the Caribbean "that it is time you put your house in order.