Minister in the Office of the President (Public Service) George Fung-on of Guyana

Fung-on was hospitalized earlier this year and was subsequently discharged but remained unwell.
In a brief comment to Stabroek News last evening, his wife Gloria Fung-on said he only ended his last contract with the government in December last year.
Fung-on had been chairman of the Public Service Appellate Tribunal.
Jagdeo's current State visit to India.
The President also stood by Minister of Transport and Hydraulics Robeson Benns side during the service of thanksgiving for the life of his sister Dr.
Fung-On was at the helm of the Public Service when public servants country embarked on a 57-day strike to push for better wages and conditions of work.
The British Guiana Civil Service that George Fung-On joined as a clerk sixty-five years ago was very different from the Public Service over which he presided as chairman of the Public Service Commission up to six weeks before his death.
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