Minister of Local Government Kellawan Lall of Guyana

Lall was also caught on tape at 3am being slapped by a former? concubine Rohee- had his body guard assault his daughters black boyfriend.
After six weeks of silence Lall said in a statement that he was assaulted and had fired one shot from his weapon.
Lall was allegedly involved in a fracas with a teenager whom he reportedly assaulted after which he discharged his weapon.
Minister Kellawan Lall is accused of feloniously assaulting Joseph Doodnauth, a teenager, during the drunken brawl and physical altercation over a woman with whom he (Lall) is said to have an affair.
Lall is also accused of repeatedly using expletives and threatening language.
It is now being reported in the press that Minister Lall has since settled this matter, out of court.
Further, if it could be established that Minister Lall has settled this matter by paying a pecuniary incentive to Joseph Doodnauth, in direct exchange for his decision or understanding not to pursue criminal charges, or to not cooperate with the Police and DPP, Minister Lall should be charged with witness tampering, bribery and obstruction of justice.
My advice to Minister Lall is to dismount his high horse, if he wishes to arrest further dishonor to himself, issue a public mea culpa, apologize to Joseph Doodnauth and his family and work out a plea agreement with prosecutors and the court.
While driving along the East Coast of Demerara, Minister Lall expressed his satisfaction with the works being done.
Minister Lall said that the purpose of the building is more than just providing office services for the NDC and it should be used as a place for civic services.
Lall has so far declined to comment on the alleged incident.
Kellawan Lall said on the occasion.
Lall said his ministry is looking at all the viable finance outlets to fund programmes in all the regions.
Lall is not at all satisfied in the manner in which new schools are being kept, and stressed that the REOs will have to prove their worth by restoring decency in all schools countrywide, and failure to do this will result in them having to face the fire at the end of the day.
where the late Minister spent his last moments.
Minister Lall said the PNCRs claim that the region received no money for culture, youth and sport and was unable to provide for its youths, is contradictory as the budget would include money for all projects to be executed in the region for any particular year.
Minister Lall said that Region Ten is doing exceedingly well at the moment and pointed out that last year the region completed its capital and current work programmes.
Kellawan Lall has lauded the scope, quality and volume of work being done by committed and dedicated individuals from all strata of society to ensure the success of the major government-led enhancement programme aimed at beautifying and improving Georgetown and other parts of Guyana.
Lall is accused of feloniously assaulting Joseph Doodnauth, a teenager, during the drunken brawl over a woman with whom he (Lall) is said to have an affair.
Minister Lall has not been charged with a crime and is still on the job.
It is now being reported in the press that Lall has settled this matter out of court, and that pursuant to this so-called settlement, the Police will not take action against Lall.
Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall has invited local government organs to apply for approval to hold elections for mayors, deputy mayors, council chairs and deputies in the first test of a controversial new law.
Lall was reprimanded for his recent conduct in a rum shop brawl with a teenager in November.
Lall was spoken to very firmly about the incident.
Minister Lall said that the City Council had all the necessary resources to effectively deal with the matter, which he noted was not done.
Although the fire has been quelled, Minister Lall said that the equipment will remain at the site for a few days.
This, Minister Lall said was a lack of insight and arrogance.
Minister Lall said to ensure that this is done, his Ministry met with members of the Council and recommend that the pickers who collect objects from the site, form an organisation so that they can be properly managed.
This investment will be a flagship for Guyana, Lall said yesterday, noting that this investment will do what a million brochures could not achieve--send a clear signal to investors that Guyana is a potential investment site.
Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall has denied any involvement in a brawl at a business place last Friday, insisting he was unaware of what was being said about him.
Lall said permission was granted to the developer by the Plaisance NDC several years ago.
Lall said the NDC had breached protocol by not seeking permission from the Local Government Ministry before giving the developer permission to proceed.
Lall said Saturday that elections might be held late next year.
Lall said that signs are erected cautioning persons about weight limits but in many instances these are removed.
Dharamlall And AliDharamlall was set to be named Minister of Housing and Water after President Jagdeo made the move to announce that Minister Harrinarine Nawbatt was being demoted to an ambassadorial post to Brazil but lost out to Irfan Ali after strong protests by senior PPP officials.
Dharamlall is now in line to secure the Ministry of Transport and Hydraulics, an area with which he is more familiar after working in the rice sector for some years.
Government spokesman Kellawan Lall says Georgetowns 30-seat council unanimously voted to place two treasury directors on administrative leave while auditors scour the cash-strapped citys books.