Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud of Guyana

Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud says the government sought military assistance to monitor the large dam east of Georgetown as a precaution.
Guyanas Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud had earlier written to the Jamaica government informing it of the availability of rice between now and the next crop.
Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud said at a press conference today.
Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud says the rainfall figure of 85 inches in the upper reaches of the Mahaica/Mahaicony Creeks put out by the Hydromet Service last week was inaccurate and represented the aggregate rainfall for two weeks.
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There should be an inquiry into timber pricing as Minister Robert Persaud had promised Dear Editor, Vivek Persaud writes in his letter.
The above note was uttered at a two day workshop where Robert Persaud was the Key note speaker.
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AGRICULTURE Minister Robert Persaud yesterday assured farmers and residents alike that all systems are in place to avert flooding during the mid-year rainy season.
GUYANA is receiving $8B (Euro 27 million) from the European Union (EU) as part of a multi-annual programme to support the government in improving the competitiveness and viability of the local sugar industry.
Related articlesThere should be an inquiry into timber pricing as Minister Robert Persaud had promised Dear Editor, Vivek Persaud writes in his letter.
Govt working to address piracy problems - Persaud Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud has assured Pomeroon.
Speaking at the 48th Session of the Caribbean Meteorological Council of Ministers Meeting at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal today, Minister Persaud said that there is a lack of effective coordination in the Region in dealing with climate change and its effects.
Minister Persaud said that in a matter of days in Poland there will be discussions looking at a successor arrangement to the Kyoto Protocol.
main issues affecting the WUAs and the meeting was aimed at addressing these.
efforts to address the issue in a collective manner.
annual need for 80,000 tons of rice.
Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud has dismissed claims by members of the political opposition of a crisis at the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EWDC) with respect to the availability of water.
On the issue of internal discipline of employees of the NDIA who do not discharge their responsibilities in accordance with what is required of them, Persaud said this is in place, and as the body is an autonomous one, it is much easier to initiate disciplinary action against defaulters.
Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud said tests on lesser-used species of wood have found them to be comparable to several overused species and as such their use would be promoted this year.
Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud said the Canal polders in Region Three will be rehabilitated in March and an area has been identified to build another outlet in the region.
Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud said there will be changes to the organisational structure of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), starting at the senior management level.
Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud has said that, at present, the administration is currently making and is still assessing more interventions that could be made to minimise the impact of the extended rainfall on Guyana’s first-quarter export commitments, particularly in the rice and sugar sectors.
Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud has said that several interventions were made during the rainy season.
At no time did we receive any request for rice that we could not supply and at no time were any requests made for a waiver of the CET," Persaud said in a written statement yesterday.
But, in his statement yesterday, Persaud said that such assumptions by minister Samuda were false.
Persaud is scheduled to be in the island for the Caribbean Week of Agriculture conference starting next Monday.
Persaud has other formal educational qualifications.
Persaud is a Central and Executive Committee member of the People’s Progressive Party.
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Persaud has since written to the Commissioner of Police, Mr.
Mr Persaud is a stranger to the truth for I know for a fact that he has on more than one occasion angrily issued directives to State Media editors that certain organisations and personalities should not be covered, whenever newsworthy coverage was provided in the best judgment of the reporters/editors.
If Mr Persaud is so concerned about its obligations to the taxpayers, then give all shades of opinion a chance to contend on the State Media.
Mr Persaud is free to respond and others are encouraged to throw in their two dollars worth as well.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government Ganga Persaud was instructed by the President to get a truck and take a load of supplies to residents of Ruimzeight in Region Three.
Persaud said a project for the revegetation of Kara Kara mines is ongoing and the general objective is to revegetate four hectares in North East Kara Kara, a mined out area, with the appropriate tree and crop species of economic importance.
Persaud said it is hoped that this would be established within six weeks, by which time farmers could see the technology at work.
Persaud said the history of agriculture in Linden dates back to the 1970s, as pointed out by Chairman of the Linden Interim Management Committee (IMC), Mr.
Persaud said the Government has already spent close to $55M directly to see that happen in West Watooka and, this year alone, will spend more than $100M through various drainage and irrigation (D) programmes in the particular community and the entire region.
Persaud was one of 78 new Paramedics and EMTs honored March 13 during an FDNY graduation ceremony at the Performing Arts Center at LaGuardia Community College in the Long Island City section of Queens.
Now Dr Randy Persaud has been retained to engage in public relations work in the United States as part of the PPP's election campaign.
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Randy Persaud has therefore put forward an embarrassing piece of unoriginal, plagiaristic work which casts him as a pseudo academic.
Therefore, this well timed, purportedly grand discovery of Dr Randy Persaud is nothing but an unimaginative attempt to preemptively discredit CGID's comments on the elections.
Professor Persaud has brazenly claimed that CGID 'is an arm of the PNC/R but it assumes the posture of neutrality' and that CGID is all about 'how great the PNC was/is.
Obviously Dr Persaud has not followed the work of the Institute.
If Dr Persaud has evidence to contest this conclusion he must put it on the table.
Persaud said that Guyana saw Jamaica as a rice market that could continue to grow and wanted to share in that growing market.
Persaud said the IADB will provide technical assistance to Guyana in connection with potential projects by a Brazilian company and several US firms.
On Jan 8, 2009, Persaud said that the best approach in the given situation is for the design and construction to be contracted out.
Persaud says this goes to show that Guyana and the region are gaining global support for its initiatives.
Industry Minister Karl Samuda Thursday the objection remains.
Persaud said regional investors left the two-day forum more convinced to invest in agriculture.