Minister of Transport, Communication, and Hydraulics Robeson Benn of Guyana

Speaking in his west London home, surrounded by shelves spilling over with decades of his diaries, Benn is now a great repository of political memories.
In terms of Robeson's relevance, Benn says it's the way that the singer connected his own experiences with his beliefs.
By telling this, Tony Benn has kept Paul Robeson's memory alive.
Tony Benn has a predictably selective memory on that count.
Robeson Benn is not known to the police (except by some on the East Coast who have repeatedly tried to shake him down), nor could he be a suspect in the circumstances they described.
If Benn knew about this, why not make it absolute FIRST priority.
a few mths back when they had problems with air services caravan and the inspector not qualify and stuff,benn said that the they send some one to qualify and he obsconded from duty after-that is not so.
Benn said that he was only informed about the nature of the monument when he was contacted by a financial donor of the project.
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Minister Benn said the administration intends to work with the relevant stakeholders for this new project, which will be subject to site inspections and further discussions with representatives of the CJIA.
Minister Benn said that works on the East Canje road while having a good start was delayed by bad weather and minor problems with equipment.
Benn said the payment of cheques, and distribution of seed paddy to rice farmers in other affected regions would be completed in one week.
Benn came into the head office of Kaieteur News to complain about the newspaper reporting over his son’s arrest by the police.
Benn was upset at the reporting of the incident.
Benn has sought to lecture to Kaieteur News.
Benn knows that daily (yes every single day; it is extremely nauseating), the Chronicle carries five letters, all bearing false signatures of which ninety percent of them bear the stamp of Christian as opposed to Hindu or Muslim names, that attack the critics of the Government in the nastiest ways.
However President Jagdeo is facing pressure from senior party officials to ensure that Benn remains in government as he (Benn) is seen as a loyal servant of the party.
Despite the amount of work done to prepare the soil for the road, Benn said there were still a few problems since some areas were still higher than anticipated.
Minister Benn said that people using the bridge will pay a double toll when they approach the bridge from the western end.
And yesterday, Minister Benn was insistent that no letters of termination had been dispatched.
The participation of Guyana Geology and Mines Commission chairman, Robeson Benn, as co-chair of the committee assessing the bauxite industry has come in for criticism by the two industry unions because of his ties to an Alcoa subsidiary.
But Benn has released a letter to the media from Aroaima Mining Company (AMC), which stated that he never received nor is there any arrangement for him to receive payment or favours from AMC, Alcoa, and the Aroaima Bauxite Company (ABC)--another Alcoa subsidiary.
At a press conference hosted by the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) recently, Guyana Bauxite General Workers Union (GBGWU) general president, Charles Sampson said Benn is a director and vice president of ABC and a consultant to the company with responsibility for finding viable bauxite deposits in Guyana.
Opposition leader Desmond Hoyte also expressed the view that Benn was serving in a conflict of interest position on the bauxite committee.
At a press conference on Monday, the PNC REFORM leader asserted that Benn was a director and vice president of ABC, a director of AMC and a consultant to ABC.
Sampson also read the same letter released by Benn from ABC dated May 29, 2000, which stated that Benn received no payment as consultant or any form of association from ABC, AMC or Alcoa.
Referring to the correspondence, Sampson said even if Benn was not being paid it did not matter because his association with the companies still constituted a conflict of interest.
However, Benn said the companies plan to continue limited search operations in the area where the aircraft went missing, using residents and persons who know the area.
Faced with criticism that the search and rescue operation may have been put into motion much too late after the last contact with the aircraft on November 1, Benn said that there was no way aircraft could have flown into the area the same day because of the bad weather and the terrain.
Benn said that during the search imaging techniques were used with the support of the company which owns the aircraft.
Fending off the criticism, Benn said the search procedures Guyana signed onto with the International Civil Aviation Organisation were followed.
However, Benn said "everything we can do can be done better, particularly in hindsight," but he stressed again that international procedures were followed.
We have to recognise the presence of the non-nationals as a representation of foreign exchange into Guyana, Benn said in a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA.
Benn said further that because of Guyana's porous borders there might always be a large float of persons entering the country, but he confirmed that some 15 to 20 non-nationals are currently at various stages of being documented.
Benn said this type of light which is approved by the International Civil Aviation Organisation costs US$2,500 each but those the airport has in stock cost about 300 to 400 pounds sterling each.
As regard the bigger issue of earthing at the airport Benn said government and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Guyana Power and Light are working on putting additional systems in place to ensure that there is a greater buffer to cater for similar events.
In alluding to the latest tragedy where a beach craft owned by Dynamic Aviation Services of the United States was lost with a crew of two and one geotechnician in the area over the Pakaraimas, Benn said that he rejects any suggestion that there is not a protocol which is being followed within the civil aviation authority in respect to incidents of this nature.
Benn said he has been working with the management of the GCAA to enable and enhance the agencys performance relations to make it more efficient.
Benn said that with the completion of the Ministry of Agricultures new hydromet tower in the new year, the aviation industry will be boosted.
During a briefing at the GGMC head office in Brickdam, GGMC Commissioner Robeson Benn said that of particular interest to Guyana was that Petrobras was experienced and well developed in the field of deep and ultra deep exploration production technology.
Benn said the deep and ultra deep exploration production technology was of particular interest to Guyana "since we do have some areas which include fairly deep water.
We want to be part of this picture," Benn said adding, "We have begun our initial discussions with Petrobras.
possibility for cooperation and participation in the search for hydrocarbons in Guyana.
Benn said the GGMC valued the relationship Guyana has in the development of minerals and hydrocarbon development through Brazilian investors and miners, who make a significant contribution to medium- and small-scale mining in Guyana.
Minister of Transport and Hydraulics, Robeson Benn said that back-up batteries have also been provided.
Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), Robeson Benn says refurbishing the Linden refinery remains on the cards, though he notes that new circumstances may dictate that a plant be closer to the ore supply.
Minister Benn said the assessment was carried out after the Hydrometeorological Office advised that some 89 millimetres of rain had accumulated overnight in Georgetown and a similar quantity on the coast.
An alternative site will have to be found for the Cubana disaster monument, as the current spot at the junction of Camp and Lamaha streets is not suitable, Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn said yesterday.
In the meantime Benn said that if the monument were to be erected at the present location it will be an impediment at the busy intersection where there is traffic on two major roadways - Camp and Lamaha streets.
Benn said that according to the proposal submitted by City Hall the monument is 20 feet wide at its base and some 16 feet wide at the top.
Benn had explained that the construction was only stopped because as the minister in charge he was unaware of the specific dimensions of the structure.
Benn had also said that once the dimensions of the construction are reviewed and approved the contractors will be allowed to continue working on their project.
Transportation Minister Robeson Benn says government teams have unsuccessfully scoured mountainous forests near the Venezuelan border to find the Beechcraft King Air plane that was conducting aerial surveys for a Canadian mining company.
Benn said Monday that the plane's owners planned to continue limited ground searches.
The government is providing both human and material resources to deal with the situation at the dump and Benn said while it can still be used it “should have been removed two years ago” and the city should use the dump site “in a more manageable way” in the future.
However, Benn said that the situation is improving due t.
GEORGETOWN (GINA) - Minister of Transport and Hydraulics Robeson Benn is appealing to road users to exercise due care and attention while using the roads and to observe the weight restrictions for roads and bridges especially in communities.
Minister Benn expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased and described the incident as unfortunate.
With reference to the bridge Minister Benn said that the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), (which has responsibility for the structure) and representatives of the community wrote his Ministry earlier this year seeking assistance to have it repaired.
Minister Benn said that his Ministry will be engaging the Ministries of Local Government and Housing and Water to ensure that signs are erected on roads and bridges in communities to prevent similar incidents in the future.