Head, Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon of Guyana

Luncheon said that Guyanese should not expect to see any ‘high rise building or anything else’ in that area, as it has now been declared a ‘green zone.
Amid allegations that government granted permission to drug accused businessman Roger Khan to import spy equipment, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon yesterday said he played no part in any such transaction and he said he had no idea where the item was at the moment.
Asked about the whereabouts of the equipment yesterday, Luncheon said he had tried to ascertain its location a few years ago, but got nowhere with it.
Asked how the government could now distance itself from Khan when it had more or less granted a forest concession to him, Luncheon said when allegations are being made about the administration’s and Khan’s links it is not in the context of him being given leases, something which is provided for in the law.
Efforts for DEA office were not fruitful - Luncheon Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said governments efforts.
Does Roger Luncheon knows who Roger Luncheon is? How come he gonna know all dem hard hard question.
I dont know if the moderator would print this, but Luncheon has been out to lunch since we were teenagers.
Luncheon is the ultimate bureaucrat, lots of words that say nothing just always explaining.
It comes as no surprise that he would deny this regime has knowledge of any wrong doings.
sustainable development of the rainforest.
has led to a number of reforms designed to curtail its expenditure.
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statements and disclosures being made.
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what is the PNCRs latest position.
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Roger Luncheon has said that the long-awaited report on torture allegations made against the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) would not recommend action against any officers found culpable, saying that this was not the intention of the report.
Roger Luncheon said here yesterday.
At his weekly post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the President in Georgetown, Luncheon was asked to explain what seems to be a contradiction in the statement by Home Affairs Minister Gail Teixeira that the Guyana Government has no interest in extraditing Khan at this point in time, even though the government has been spending millions of dollars recently trying to track down the fugitive businessman in Guyana.
Luncheon was yesterday also asked whether the Guyana Government will intervene at some stage following reports that Khans rights are being violated in Suriname because he is denied being able to meet and speak to his lawyers.
Luncheon said he believes that if the Guyana Ambassador in Suriname was approached to perhaps visit and try to get some idea about what are the difficulties facing, not only Khan but the other Guyanese detained there, the ambassador would have very little difficulties in providing those services.
But when told that, based on reports out of Suriname, the Guyanese Ambassador is contending that he too has not been allowed to visit Khan, Luncheon said he was not aware of this and if indeed, this is the case, then it actually flies in the face of the convention.
Luncheon said aspects of the scheme would soon be implemented.
Luncheon said new laws would have to be passed and funds acquired from the municipality to implement other aspects of the project.
Luncheon said the current building rules have to be revised because of deficiencies and the fixation by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on the development of modern building codes.
of its national responsibilities as a result of the interdiction.
with another general election due.
Luncheon said he questioned those claims.
Roger Luncheon is adamant that sections of the media and several panellists on television programmes have been making an attempt to portray that there is some justification for the Lusignan killings on the grounds of discrimination and marginalisation.
Luncheon said credible individuals are marketing their views to push poison into homes and into the minds of Guyanese that the criminals should not be condemned since there is a possibility that there may be some justification as to why they have been committing such heinous crimes.
prison escapees, a charge the PNC/R has strongly dismissed.
Roger Luncheon said that all measures will be taken to ensure that citizens are not adversely affected by the current rainy season.
Luncheon was at the time briefing members of the media, following Cabinet's meeting on December 24, 2008.
Responding to the question of a new proposed canal, Dr Luncheon said that the major responsibility at the level of the administration was to execute the design work based on which the most ideal location and the amount of land space that was needed was identified.
Luncheon said that whatever the CDC needs to implement a Government Disaster mechanism will be met.
Luncheon said that no new structures will be built, instead existing structures that were used for the 2005 flood will be utilised.
Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said at a media conference on Thursday that at their Tuesday cabinet meeting ministers expressed their frustration with the unscrupulous behaviour of some businesses.
In Guyana, consumers are reasonably expecting these falling prices to be reflected in the cost of procuring goods and services when they go in the market place, cabinet was briefed on the situation and there is cause for alarm as consumersdo not constantly or continuously receive these benefits from the price decreases Luncheon says The administration has since issued a call for stern actions against those businesses found guilty of ripping off consumers.
Cabinet calls for strict monitoring by the relevant authorities and even considers blame and shame approaches the prices for bread, poultry, fuel and transportation continue to attract the attention of government and will be monitored closely Luncheon says Currently, the price for chicken is increasing, while despite a reduction in the price for flour, bread price still remains constant The government, following the hike in prices for grains and other commodities on the world market had move to offer low income public servants as stimulus package monthly to aid the effects of those increases, however that has come to an end and the administration says it will not continue next year since most of the commodities have decreased, butSecretary Luncheon noted that with the behavior of some businesses no relief is coming down to the local consumers.
In his statement read at the briefing yesterday, Luncheon said that the Guyana Government "was working with stakeholders to resolve that issue (management of LEAF.
The President then disclosed that Dr Luncheon had had a meeting with GuyFlag at which it had agreed to transfer management.
Luncheon said that to date 300 loans were given out from the fund and the money for the new loans being offered now comes from loans repaid and from loan interest.
Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said yesterday that government has established that the PNC/R has firm linkages with the five prison escapees, a charge the PNC/R has strongly dismissed.
Speaking at his weekly press briefing yesterday, Luncheon said that Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj, had revealed the PNC/R's connection with the criminals.
Luncheon said the verbal excesses of the PNC/R has led the "young and not so young.
Luncheon said the outrage over the murder of law officers, the latest being Sherwin Alleyne, reverberated around the society and would redound to the discredit of the PNC/R.
Carberry noted that President Bharrat Jagdeo had alleged that some persons in the PNC/R were linked to the criminal elements and now Luncheon was saying it was the entire PNC/R.
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GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CANA: GUYANA IS now free to hang its condemned prisoners after they have had their final hearing before the Court of Appeal turned down, Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon has said.
Luncheon said Friday that the way is clear for the country to carry out capital punishment because it is no longer part of a United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) agreement which allowed these convicts to seek recourse with that body after the Court of Appeal had upheld their convictions.
Luncheon said that the freedom to hang will not apply to any cases currently before the UNHRC, but to all new matters.
the illegal export of dolphins to Venezuela.
instruction to grant Lumumba the license but Luncheon has denied this.
PNC/R will go to frustrate the elections.
Asked whether the President's delay in passing the law will not hold up the entire constitutional amendment process, since other matters which have a bearing on the scheduled March 19 elections are included, Luncheon said he would have to be so advised.
Luncheon said the framers and signatories of the 11-month old Caribbean Community (CARICOM)-brokered peace accord between the PNC and the PPP amid the sometimes violent eruption of post-elections street protests did not cater for the significant erosion of the time-table outlined for constitutional reform.