Minister of Education Shaik Baksh of Guyana

Minister Baksh was addressing Headteachers today at the one-day Conference for Headteachers of Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools at the North Ruimveldt Secondary School, Mandela Avenue.
Minister Baksh said that his Ministry wants to make nursery/pre- primary education compulsory over the next five years.
Minister Baksh said that a major challenge is to get qualified teachers for the Secondary level.
Minister Baksh said that one of the weaknesses of the last Plan was the lack of proper monitoring and evaluation, but that this will be rectified.
Minister of Education Shaik Baksh said his Ministry will be strengthening its policy framework on tackling early school leavers since this has been cited as one of the major factors contributing to children being forced into child labour.
Minister Baksh said he was proud of his Ministrys association with the new programme since it will support the response of the education sector to tackling child labour.
The Tackling Child Labour through Education programme includes among other things a skills-building component which Minister Baksh said confirms with the Ministrys alternative pathway programme which supports children who face difficulties in coping with the regular academic programme.
The dropout rate in schools although alarming will be addressed aggressively through the Ministrys new strategic plan which Minister Baksh said outlines indicators for improving student attendance in schools.
Education Minister Shaik Baksh says the ministry intends to focus on continuous assessment at the primary level and he said results from a literacy drive had been very encouraging.
As regard his relationship with the union Baksh said it was satisfactory despite ups and downs.
Baksh had in the past raised concerns about the fact that many primary school children were passing through the system and were allowed to go into high school without basic literacy and numeracy skills.
The ministry has embarked on a literacy and numeracy pilot programme, the results of which Baksh said had been very encouraging.
Baksh said too more emphasis will be placed on English, Maths and the sciences in schools and to this end internal training would be carried out for the teachers in these subject areas.
However Baksh said this performance would have to be broadened.
Regarding tertiary education, Baksh said there is urgent need for the University of Guyana to move towards online registrations.
Baksh said too the university has also been plagued with the late submission of exam results from lecturers and sanctions would be put in place to stem this practice.
Nationwide after-school literacy programme mooted -Education minister says many teachers not showing commitment Education Minister Shaik Baksh is proposing a nationwide.
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Literacy drive results very encouraging – Baksh Education Minister Shaik Baksh says the ministry intends.
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Mr Shaik Baksh has his A level , so he has no concern if other youth has the opportunity.
Baksh said he learnt that the fire started in the upper flat of the building which housed the Drainage and Irrigation Department.
Baksh said that apart from some 500 transports lost in the fire, information kept on diskettes of the housing operations there was intact.
Baksh said a building at the southern side of the destroyed building, in which records and house lot allocation letters are stored, was saved.
Baksh said officials are also looking for a building to temporarily house the ministry.
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Minister of Education Shaik Baksh on Wednesday stood by the decision of the Ministry to outlaw the practice of teachers holding extra-lessons on school premises for pay.
Baksh had announced his intention to ban all extra lessons at public schools at the first of the "Face the Community Meetings" held recently at the St.
Guyanas Education Minister Shaik Baksh is proposing a nationwide literacy program in schools this year that involves classes being extended in the afternoons and on weekends and holidays, in an effort to improve the quality of education.
com GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Guyanas Education Minister Shaik Baksh has announced that draft legislation is currently in place to reintroduce corporal punishment in schools.
Baksh also stressed that his Ministry recognized the value of religious education in schools and that plans were already in place to make the subject compulsory in the curriculum.
dem up shaik baksh has already said he will make it legal for teachers to beat and torture children in Guyana schools soon.
Baksh said that his ministry had sent out a detailed circular on the issue which set out the established procedures to be followed.
Minister of Housing and Water Shaik Baksh said June 13 was a momentous day as his ministry's.
Guyana's Education Minister Shaik Baksh says that one of the main reasons that the government is considering the discontinuation of the GCE Advanced Level exams in government schools is because the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) is of a high standard and recognised internationally.
Additionally, Baksh said that financial resources being used to facilitate the sitting of A-level examinations can be beneficially utilised to support both CSEC and CAPE locally.
Education Minister Shaik Baksh said Saturday he is asking authorities to inspect schools along the coastline of this South American country, which has been pounded by five weeks of rain.
GEORGETOWN (GINA) - Minister of Education Shaik Baksh said his Ministry is in full support of volunteer teachers as they assist in filling the void created due to reluctance by some teachers to be transferred to hinterland communities.
At Cara Lodge, Quamina Street, on August 8, at the graduation ceremony held for 11 volunteers, Minister Baksh said there is reluctance by some teachers to be transferred to those areas; hence government is appreciative of the services of volunteers.
Minister Baksh said there have been improvements in education in Regions 1, 7, 8 and 9 over the last few years but more work has to be done and urged greater partnerships with parents, communities, teachers, school managers, non governmental organizations and the private sector to boost the delivery of education.
Baksh said all schools will be given No cellphone usage signs to display prominently on buildings.
Minister of Education Shaik Baksh has given the reassurance that the problem is being dealt with.
We are at the present time putting a large number of school welfare officers to monitor the situation and to work in the schools to ensure that these things do not occur in the school system, Baksh said yesterday.
Minister Baksh said government would be providing additional assistance to the families in the form of construction costs for housing.
Minister of Housing and Water Shaik Baksh said his ministry's.
Pomeroon/Supenaam), will be commissioned in September.
Pomona to cater for Amerindian students also from the two missions.