Minister of the Economy and Finance Daniel Dorsainvil of Haiti

President Preval, and his PM and his previous one are in fact the drivers of economic policy, but Finance minister Daniel Dorsainvil is the excutor since the president can only be impeached and it does make political sense to impeach the president because it creates political instability and social unrest.
Finance Minister Daniel Dorsainvil said that over the past years, Haiti has implemented macroeconomic policies that have contributed to stabilising the economy and that the country has made significant strides in strengthening security.
Finance Minister Daniel Dorsainvil said that while the government of the impoverished nation was concerned about high food and energy prices, it had programs in place to boost agriculture and create jobs that would generate income and help its people cope with the cost of living.
Dorsainvil said he had spoken to his cabinet colleagues and been assured the money needed was available.
In a speech to the IADB, Dorsainvil said high food prices and energy costs had pushed inflation in Haiti above 10 percent compared with 8 percent at the end of last year.
Dorsainvil has the job of planning for Haiti's future as well as the present, and we both agreed that Haiti's marine resources are a vital part of both the present and future and has to be approached in a very controlled manor.
One of the key priorities of this year's budget will be security and strengthening the justice system, Dorsainvil said in an interview at the Inter-American Development Bank's annual meeting in Guatemala.
Dorsainvil said Haiti plans to double the size of its police force to 14,000 to tackle the gangs that have moved from the cities to rural areas, terrifying small towns and villages.
Economy Minister Daniel Dorsainvil said the storms were a great shock to the economy and total economic losses would likely be in the tens of millions of dollars.