Minister-Delegate to the Prime Minister in Charge of Relations With Parliament Joseph Jasmin of Haiti

Jasmin was very fascinated by these sculptures and decided to create some figures of his own under Sealey’s guidance.
For many years, Jasmin had his own atelier and became the first Haitian sculptor to gain international recognition.
In 1950 Jasmin turned from sculpting to painting after to have seen the work of Wilson Bigaud, Castera Bazile, Obin.
Jasmin is in your extended network.
Government spokesman Joseph Jasmin said the election "is certainly not going to happen in November.
Jasmin said Rene Preval and leaders of Haitian political parties have reached a consensus to revamp the feuding election panel and replace some or all of its members.
Mr Jasmin was a roofer who owned and operated Jasmin Co.