Prime Minister Michele Duvivier Pierre-louis of Haiti

Michele Duvivier Pierre-Louis was appointed Prime Minister in the wake of three deadly storms and as two more hurricanes are expected to hit the poorest nation in Americas, Reuters reported on Friday.
js */FREuropean CommissionEDD 2008Michle DuvivierPIERRE-LOUISHomepageWelcomeMedia cornerNewsletterPrevious editionsEDD: THE FORUMAbout the forumPractical detailsAgendaDevelopment villageTwinningParticipantsPanellistsEDD: THE 'OFF'About the 'OFF'CompetitionsMichle Duvivier PIERRE-LOUISPrime Minister of HaitiMichle Duvivier Pierre-Louis is a Haitian political figure who has been Prime Minister of Haiti since 2008.
Michle Pierre-Louis has been the Executive Director of the Knowledge and Freedom Foundation (FOKAL), a non-governmental organization financed by George Soros, since 1995.
Michle Pierre-Louis was appointed as Minister of Justice and Public Security, in addition to serving as Prime Minister.
For the past year, Pierre-Louis has been quietly transforming the endangered estate in Martissant into a modern-day Eden, complete with a cultural center and botanical garden.
Michle Duvivier Pierre-Louis leads an independent educational and cultural organization in Port-au-Prince and has been named a Trailblazer honoree for 2007 by the group, Dialogue on Diversity.
Born in the southern Haitian city of Jrmie, Pierre-Louis lives in Port-au-Prince and has worked most of her life for the urban and rural dispossessed of Haiti.
Pierre-Louis was an official at the National Airport Authority from 1979 to 1982, during the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc," 1971-1986), and held a cabinet post in the first administration of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide in 1991.
Pierre-Louis was ratified as prime minister last month.
Pierre-Louis is Haiti's second woman prime minister.