President Rene Garcia Preval of Haiti

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Haiti under Preval has been cooperating diplomatically and fraternally with its fellow countries of Latin America.
Preval has met with many Latin American leaders such as Fidel Castro, Evo Morales of Bolivia (with an economic situation similar to Haiti's), Martín Torrijos of Panama, and Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic.
Preval had claimed that with the exception of his nearby visit to the Dominican Republic, he wanted the United States to be his first diplomatic visit in office, putting it ahead of his eventual diplomatic visits to Venezuela, Cuba and France.
President Rene Preval has built an abysmal record of implementing democracy.
8% of the vote, and the entire country had high hopes that Preval was the changed man he professed to be.
Amending the Constitution: President Preval has renewed attempts to illegally amend the constitution, following the tactics of renegade Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to reinstate a new form of presidency for life and eliminate the checks and balances of parliament.
President Preval has not followed these provisions.
Preval was seen at the inauguration of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega chatting friendly with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran.
Hiring a convicted criminal as his security advisor: Preval has appointed a known militant, Patrick Elie, to serve as the President of the National Security Commission.
After inauguration in 2006, Preval has been strategically undermining the countrys electoral authorities with the ultimate goal of dissolution.
Specifically, for the past 18 months, Preval has delayed the organization of the indirect elections necessary for the creation of Haitis Permanent Electoral Council by refusing to finance the electoral institution.
Preval is also misreading the US political system.
Since Preval took office the cost of living has risen 30.
The Establishment of civilian security cells: Preval has established security cells that are similar of the state security police of Cuba or the Bolivarian clubs in Venezuela.
passing day, week and month, President Preval is getting stronger in the sense.
Byline: DAVE WEDGE While newly elected Haitian president Rene Garcia Preval met with President Bush yesterday, US.
Preval met with President Bush and UN.
Lavalas bureaucrats, but Preval has the support of the.
Leading candidate Rene Preval has alleged that the Feb 7 vote was.
HIP - Haiti Based upon exit polls and initial results, the Haiti Information Project (HIP) predicts that Rene Garcia Preval has won the presidency of Haiti with a handy 63% of the vote.
In his first speech as president-elect, Preval was not basking in his glory.
Preval said he noticed a lack of enthusiasm for the legislative elections.
As for his job, Preval said Haiti's future presidency will have two fundamental missions: First, to build institutions that are provided by the constitution, such as municipal and national assemblies, which appoint judges.
February 27th, 2006A Full Plate for Rene Garcia PrevalHaiti’s Rene Preval is a man who is burdened with a monumental mission; namely that of not only bringing a semblance law and order to his beleaguered nation; but also that of putting Haiti’s economy on the road to growth and development.
It may not be the ideal solution, but at least the one announced by Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) Thursday reflects the clear presidential choice of the Haitian people: Rene Garcia Preval was just below the 50 percent mark needed to avoid a runoff when the vote was halted Tuesday after Preval had threatened a legal battle over charges of massive fraud, citing tens of thousands of ineligible and blank ballots.
Preval met the CEP on Wednesday, and negotiated a technical solution: The total number of blank votes would be divided among the 33 candidates on the basis of the percentage of the counted vote accrued by each.
Preval has intimated that he has proof of the fraud, which can be traced to polling station workers.
digg_bodytext = 'Rene Preval is declared the victor after protesting electoral fraud.
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Rene Preval had not even been sworn in as Haiti's president before posters began appearing, urging his charismatic predecessor, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to return to office as soon as the constitution permits.
Preval said he continued to have a very, very, very good relationship with his political mentor, whom he served as prime minister in 1991.
I want to tell him thank you for that, Preval said of the initiatives Aristide has undertaken.
Preval has offered few clues to how he intends to conduct his presidency, other than to say it will be in a manner distinct from his predecessor.
A Haitian who has worked closely with both men said Preval has more street savvy and is more pragmatic, which could work to his advantage.
I never dreamed of becoming president, and the proof of that is that I never joined a political party, Preval said in the interview.