Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany of Hungary

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Gyurcsany has been called to step down several times after this incident.
BUDAPEST: Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany denied yesterday that his country was in crisis as a far-right group led an new anti-government demonstration in Budapest following days of mass protests.
After a few shockingly honest words, Ferenc Gyurcsany is in trouble.
In an interview published on Sunday, Gyurcsany said he still planned to seek his party's chairmanship next year and that the results of next.
Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said Tuesday the Hungarian government finds it unacceptable that European consumers must pay the price for the ongoing Russia-Ukraine gas dispute.
Although it looked as if the government might fall, Gyurcsany has grimly and, it has to be said, quite efficiently held on to power throughout 2007.
Hu: Gyurcsany says disappointed by Slovak resp.
Gyurcsany has called the 1-billion-forint plan a stabilization and stimulus package designed to protect jobs and export markets.
Hungary is navigating in the middle of a storm in rough waters, Gyurcsany said at a meeting of past and present leaders and politicians.
Budapest  - A hard-line nationalist government in Serbia would be a setback for the country's neighbours and the rest of Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said Tuesday.
It is neither in Europe's nor the region's interest that the Serbian radicals and nationalists get into power, Gyurcsany said after talks with his Montenegrin counterpart Milo Djukanovic.
Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has ruled out stepping down from his post since anti-government rioters in Budapest briefly occupied Hungarian national television on Monday night.
Now the controversial Mr Gyurcsany has also become the first of Hungary's post-communist prime ministers to preside over a political crisis involving violence in the streets.
Mr Gyurcsany was only 28 years old when his political career appeared to have come to an end.
But that government showed little sense of direction and in 2004, just over half-way through its term, Mr Gyurcsany took over as prime minister from the somewhat colourless Mr Medgyessy.
Now Mr Gyurcsany is facing the biggest crisis of his political life.
reserves, enough to help out those in need in the region, Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said in public television's morning talkshow Napkelte on Wednesday.
and will force the government to redraw most of its economic plans, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said on Wednesday.
Gyurcsány revises negative growth forecast to 2-3% in 2009 Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said on a Wednesday-morning television program that Hungary's economy is likely to contract by.
Budapest - Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said on Wednesday that the Hungarian economy could shrink by 2 to 3 per.
Gyurcsany said the changed economic environment will force.
Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said last week that it was unacceptable for �the bullets that Ukraine and Russia.
Nothing," Gyurcsany says on the tape, made during a private talk with Socialist parliament members peppered with crude expressions.
In the past several weeks, Gyurcsany has also admitted that to improve its chances of winning last April's elections, the government covered up the true size of the state budget deficit and passed a law introducing tax cuts now described by the prime minister as a mistake.
press conference in Budapests Parliament today.
targeted deficit for a fifth year in 2006.
Hungary to boost livestock sector.
Replacing Gyurcsany is not on the agenda, party official Ildiko Lendvai told Hungarian TV, accusing "arsonists and looters" of being behind such demands.
Gyurcsany remained defiant in the face of calls to resign.
Neither the government's actions nor what happens in the party depend on the final outcome (of the elections)," Gyurcsany was quoted as telling the Vasarnap Reggel newspaper.
One of the richest men in Hungary, an avowed moderniser inspired by Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson and the first leader to win a successful re-election for his party since the fall of communism, Ferenc Gyurcsany is a Prime Minister with enemies.
Mr Gyurcsany was 43 and the Minister for Youth when he came to power in September 2004 after engineering a coup in Hungary's Socialist Party, the MSZP.
Adam LeBor, who reports from Hungary for The Times, said today that the leaking of the damaging tape recording -- in which Mr Gyurcsany told Socialist MPs that his Government had lied "morning, evening and night" to the Hungarian electorate -- could well have come from his own ranks:"Gyurcsany has got a lot of enemies, personal and political, both on the Right and within his party, and the situation has got worse since the introduction of the austerity programme.
Gyurcsany has been trying to regain the initiative after weeks of growing political crisis, during which opposition parties have held mass rallies to drive him and his Socialist-led coalition from office because of his admission that he repeatedly lied about Hungary’s economic strength.
Gyurcsany said he was “convinced of the necessity of the vote, and that political trust will be confirmed.
Gyurcsany said the party had “lied in the morning and lied in the evening” about the economy, portraying it as much healthier than it really was, in order to win re-election in the April balloting.
This is an unprecedented crisis in the history of Hungarian democracy and Ferenc Gyurcsany is not part of the solution, but the problem,â€‌ Tibor Navracsics, Fidesz parliamentary faction leader told a news conference.
While the tape may damage the Socialists in local elections, economists said it showed Gyurcsany was serious about reforms to fix Hungary’s ailing finances.
Gyurcsany said in an interview that because the EU project, known as Nabucco, had experienced significant delays and could face further problems, the Russian plan was more realistic.
Gyurcsany said Hungary would support Russian plans to extend the Blue Stream pipeline into central Europe despite its being a member of the Nabucco consortium.
Gyurcsany said he still wanted Hungary to diversify its energy supplies.
Fidesz, the main opposition party in Hungary, said Gyurcsany was making the country even more dependent on Russia by teaming up with Gazprom.
Ill agree with George Dubya there, because when Gyurcsany said that he did absolutely nothing for four years and lied morning, noon, and night, I believe that when Gyurcsany gave his word regarding this behavior, that he truly meant it.
Goverment of Ferenc Gyurcsany has treated those proposals more than favorably.
After a rare night of violent protests in the capital, Budapest, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has condemned the rioters and made no signal that he will meet their demands to resign.
Global Insight Perspective SignificancePrime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has maintained that he will not resign—yet—despite a night of violent protests in the capital and the storming of the state television building, following the publication of an expletive-ridden tape revealing the electorate had been lied to.
OutlookGyurcsany has vowed this morning to re-establish order "by all means", according to wire reports.
While it took some time to restore control of the building, this morning Prime Minister Gyurcsany was adamant that all measures necessary would be taken to ensure order was restored and reiterated he had no intention of resigning.
Coalition parties MSZP and the Free Democrats (SZDSZ) deputies have pointed out instead that Gyurcsany was merely telling the truth on the tape, no matter how unpalatable.
Gyurcsany says the resignations "will be in effect from May 31" and that he will forward the letters of resignation to the president of Hungary.
Gyurcsany said the move was crucial to, in his words, ensure that "peace and confidence" once again "define Hungary.