Minister Without Portfolio for the Secret Services Gyorgy Szilvasy of Hungary

The weekly finds curious that there are three Szilvasys among the names of the foundation members: Gyorgy Szilvasy is the minister without portfolio in charge of the NBH, Istvan Szilvasy is the Interior Ministry Central Hospital director, and Peter Szilvasy is a graphologist and employee of the foundation; they are brothers.
Minister responsible for Hungary's secret services Gyorgy Szilvasy said earlier that the company in question operated as a shadow secret serv.
Szilvasy said those remarks were completely unfounded.
Szilvasy said after the signing ceremony that the agreement was still to be officially approved by parliament, but all five political parties were likely to support it.
Szilvasy said that the most explosive area on Saturday would be Freedom Square, where hundreds of right-wing extremists and football hooligans stormed the building of the state-owned Hungarian television channel in the first, and worst, night of violence.
Additionally, Szilvasy had been under pressure to quit his former post.
Szilvasy said the Cabinet had received information that the extremist groups — which he did not identify but said were being monitored — were recruiting skinheads and soccer hooligans and making efforts to acquire weapons.
In his speech on 17 April, Mr Szilvasy described the re-organisation of the governmental structure with respect to minority policy as a positive development.
Mr Szilvasy described what he called the 'dynamisation of minority policy' and the strengthening of cultural autonomy as the most important tasks of the government.
in the area, which is adjacent to parliament.
Two former secret services ministers of the Fidesz administration (1998-2002) were in regular contact with a security firm at the centre of spying allegations, secret services minister Gyorgy Szilvasy said on Tuesday.
Szilvasy said the the network associated with UD had infiltrated various organisations and acquired confidential private and business information, as well as state secrets, Szilvasy said after a meeting of the national security committee.
Szilvasy said he was unable to accuse Ervin Demeter and Laszlo Kover of being aware of the fact that the information they had ordered from the company could only be acquired by unlawful means.
Szilvasy said the national security committee had also asked him to present proof that backed up his statement.
Gyorgy Szilvasy had the right to make a decision in his own capacity and advise the prime minister.
security in the area, which is adjacent to parliament.