Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement Tibor Draskovics of Hungary

Draskovics said after the meetings.
The Hungarian Minister of Justice, Tibor Draskovics met today with his Kosovo counterpart Nekibe Klemendi with whom he discussed over the exhange of experiences in the field of justice and cooperation between the two ministries.
senior executives at Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs in New York.
appointed as Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement on Tuesday.
Draskovics is replacing outgoing minister Albert Takacs.
The protocol agreement will be signed on Monday in Washington," Interior Minister Tibor Draskovics said adding, "Hungarians can start going to the United States without a visa from autumn.
traditionally under-performing state services.
says he leans to social democratic values.
to tender for services from hospitals on behalf of patients.
to control spending in 2003, leading to a wider-than-planned budget deficit.
a press conference in Budapest following his dismissal.
The agreement by European Union finance ministers to loosen the bloc's fiscal rules boosts Hungary's chances of adopting the euro by 2010, Finance Minister Tibor Draskovics said Monday in Budapest.
With the modifications of the stability pact, Hungary could emerge sooner from the excessive deficit procedure and is more certain than before to stay on track for the adoption of the euro," Draskovics was quoted as saying by MTI news agency.
Budapest Airport was ordered to cancel a deal to buy a property on which it planned to build a cargo base, finance minister Tibor Draskovics was quoted by the national news agency MTI as saying on Friday.
Stumpf, who is president of the Turn-of-the-Century foundation, said Draskovics had failed to carry out his task of reforming central and local government.
Budapest, August 15 (MTI) - Hungary plans to boost the number of civic patrols by next spring in 100-110 towns and villages where crime has risen, Justice Minister Tibor Draskovics said on Friday.
The interview seriously damages my reputation and honor, warming up a 12-year-old story, whose actual details are already well-known to the public, Draskovics said in a statement last Tuesday (July 29), a day after the interview was published.
Chairman of the forum, also Hungarian Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement, Tibor Draskovics said also on the press conference that strengthening European security was not an empty talk.