Minister of Finance Arni M. Mathiesen of Iceland

Mathiesen was first elected to the Althing (Iceland's parliament) for the Independence Party in 1991, when he was the youndest member of the Althing at the age of 33.
Mathiesen was also the managing director of the aquaculture firm Faxalax hf.
Mathiesen was also a member of the EFTA/EEA parliamentarians' committee from 1995-99.
Mathiesen was born in Reykjavík, 2 October 1958, and is the son of former MP and cabinet minister Matthías.
Mathiesen was chairman of the Flensborgarskóli student association 1977-78, president of Stefnir, the association of young conservatives in Hafnarfjörður 1986-88, and vice-president of SUS, the association of young conservatives in Iceland 1985-87.
Mathiesen was an Icelandic representative on the Nordic Council 1991-95; he has been a member of the Board of Búnaðarbanki Íslands and of the Agricultural Loan Fund and the chairman of the Council of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
We think there are good opportunities for Icelandic companies in this region,” Mathiesen said in a press release.
Mathiesen said he has not heard any such rumors.
Mathiesen said he dislikes the idea of different taxation steps, but would not comment on how the government plans to react to SGS’ proposal, as the state does not take part in wage contract discussions before they are in the finishing stages.