Director, Central Bank of Iceland David Oddsson of Iceland

Although educated as a laywer and serving as politician for most of his working life Dav�� Oddsson has never laid aside his literary pretensions.
Davíð Oddsson has no recent activity.
Davíð Oddsson was born in Reykjavík.
Davíð Oddsson was a member of a group of young conservative-libertarians within the Independence Party who felt that the party should support more strongly attempts to extend economic freedom in the heavily regulated Icelandic economy.
Davíð Oddsson was only 34 years old when he became Mayor of Reykjavík, and only 43 years when he formed his first government.
In 1991 Davíd Oddsson was elected prime minister of Iceland.
Agust Olafur Agustsson, politician with the Popular front, encouraged David Odsson, Central Bank governor, at the Parliament today to come clean.
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David Oddsson was born on Saturday, January 17, 1948 in Reykjavik and he is a famous head of state from Iceland.
Prime Minister David Oddsson has dropped totally out of favor after riding a popularity wave into office nine months ago.
deal which would harm their very good relationship.
David Oddsson has so graciously extended to me.
com Iceland's prime minister David Oddsson has recently undergone surgery.
David Oddsson is Europe's longest-serving prime minister, having led.
com Iceland's prime minister David Oddsson is stepping down after a 13-year tenure and taking a.
Mr Oddsson is a playwright and former radio.
uproar here, and Prime Minister David Oddsson is caught in the middle.
The reviews of his work have been mixed, but no matter: Mr Oddsson is not giving up his day job any time soon.
Mr Oddsson is the polarising sort, the most liked and disliked politician in the island.
David Oddsson is the Chairperson of the Central Banks board of Governors.
Prior to this position David Oddsson was Icelands Prime Minister for 13 years during which time Iceland became one of the richest countries in the world.
Oddsson is the head of the Central Bank of Iceland.
I did not mean to imply that David Oddsson is a good politician or banker.
Davið Oddsson has had a very bad press in Iceland recently.
Oddsson was clearly speaking to a domestic audience but far far away many of US fell off our seats listening to him.
Oddsson is not Head of the Central Bank of Iceland to sell books in the bookstores; he is in Central Bank so that inflation in Iceland does not raise more than 4% ; he is to say, clearly, what was happening in the Icelandic economy, what was happening in the banking system, what was happening with exchange rate, what was happening with the loans, what was happening with the economy of Iceland.
In other words: Just because many people in Iceland think that Oddsson is an idiot I do not necessarily have to agree.
Nota bene: I am as yet not saying Oddsson is a good politician.
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left-wing opposition in the Municipal Council.
Oddsson had been elected deputy leader, or Vice-Chairman of the Party.
Oddsson said he agreed in general.
free-market reforms against bitter opposition.
The Wage Index, measuring purchasing power, has almost doubled, and gross national income is 30 percent higher than when Oddsson took office.
Oddsson is the most successful politician in Iceland, said Jon G.
David Oddsson has succeeded in molding our society.
In his new post, Oddsson remains leader of the Independence Party, which led 2003 general elections with a third of the national vote.
Oddsson was elected mayor of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, at 34 and was re-elected twice before becoming prime minister in 1991.
Oddsson was re-elected in 1995, 1999 and 2003, leading center-right coalitions.
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