Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde of Iceland

But the government of Prime Minister Geir Haarde said it was prepared to support the Icelandic banking groups in their legal actions against the British government.
But the government of Prime Minister Geir Haarde said it was prepared to support the Icelandic banking groups in their legal actions.
Haarde Receives An Honorary Doctorate from University of MinnesotaUniversity of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks, who is also a member of the J.
Haarde said it is very important for Icelandic society that university students go abroad to study.
Haarde Is the current prime minister of Iceland and a prominent figure in the Icelandic gay community.
He became the prime minister shortly after Halldór Ásgrímsson's' terrible death, some claim that Haarde was involved but Haarde denies all allegations.
Haarde received an undergraduate degree in Economics from Brandeis University in the United States.
Haarde Receives An Honorary Doctorate.
Haarde is the Minister of Finance in Iceland and the Vice-Chairman of the Independence Party, Iceland's largest political party.
Haarde was elected to Parliament he had worked, among other things, as a Special Assistant to the Minister of Finance, and as an Economist at the Central Bank of Iceland.
Haarde is a former President of the Nordic Council and Vice President of the Inter-Parliamentary Council.
Haarde said he believes Iceland’s trade deficit and the Central Bank base interest rate will begin falling before the end of the year – a development that would significantly aid the krona in its recovery.
Haarde said the krona “is more likely to come back up than go down.
Prime Minister Haarde is visiting New York to promote Iceland as an investment destination.
Haarde has been Prime Minister of Iceland since June 2006.
Haarde was elected chairman of the Independence party in the fall of 2005.
Haarde said he intended to lead Iceland through a crisis that has seen the spectacular collapse of the island's high-flying "Nordic tiger" economy and which he predicted would worsen next year.
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Haarde said in his speech at the ceremony that the new smelter is not only important for the people of East Iceland, but for the Icelandic economy, which will be amplified when the smelter moves to full operation.
Prime Minister Haarde said that exercises such as this one were important for the future of Iceland's defense.
Haarde is spearheading Iceland's efforts to convert its transport and fishing fleet to hydrogen, which would make the country 100% renewable.
Haarde has been reluctant to commit to receiving funding from the world body.
Iceland, in a Precarious Position, Takes Drastic Steps to Right ItselfBy ERIC PFANNER and JULIA WERDIGIERIn addition to seeking a $5.
Prime Minister Geir Haarde is the head of government for Iceland.
Iceland Prime Minister Geir Haarde said he knew little about the FL Groups role in Icelands economic disaster.