Minister of Communications and Information Technology A. Raja of India

Nevertheless, the Raja has equal status with the other rulers and is one of the electors who designate one of their number as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong every five years.
Raja said that affordability of systems will ensure that the power of computing reaches to everyone, especially, the homes, education sector and the small and medium businesses.
New Delhi: As DMK’s A Raja takes over as the new IT and Communications Minister from the ousted Dayanidhi Maran, CNN-IBN finds his track record at the Ministry of Environment and Forests has been dismal.
Raja has very little time to come out with the much-awaited 3G spectrum policy.
Rajah or Raja is a Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu word once used exclusively as a royal title.
However in Pakistan, Raja is still used by many Muslim Rajput clans as a hereditary title.
Raja is also used as a name by Hindus and Sikhs.
Not anxious to be found wanting in his loyalty, Maran's successor A Raja has also said he'll look into the matter.
at Ramachandrapuram in Chitoor district.
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times when noise is the closest cousin of music.
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Raja said the government is working hard to correct this imbalance by shifting focus to small towns and rural areas, but it has still to go a long way in bridging the rural urban divide.
Raja is a nineteen year old orphan literally and figuratively scarred by life.
Set against the backdrop of contemporary Marrakech, Raja is a cross-cultural drama about a wealthy middle-aged Frenchman's complex relationship with this poor local girl.
An orphan forced by poverty into occasional prostitution, Raja lives on and off with a boyfriend, Youssef (Hassan Khissal), who is unemployed and takes most of the money she can scrounge up.
At the same time, the hardheaded Moroccans observing the courtship understand that Raja has the opportunity of a lifetime if she plays her cards right.
The two Moroccan crones who cook and keep house for Fred warn him that Raja is unreliable and thieving.
Raja is an orphan literally and figuratively scarred by life.
If the predatory Fred appears at first to be in the ascendancy in this relationship, it soon becomes clear that Raja is just as calculating and manipulative.
Category Foreign Films DVDs, Romance Movies, Love Videos, Sex, French, Social Issues, Prostitution, Rags To Riches, Prostitutes/Whores, Money Starring Pascal Greggory, Najat Benssallem, Ilham Abdelwahed, Ahmed Akensouss, Hassan Khissal, Fatiha Khoulaki Director Jacques Doillon Composer Philippe Sarde Director of Photography Helene Louvart Producer Benedicte Bellocq, Souad Lamriki, Margaret Menegoz Screenwriter Jacques Doillon Raja is an orphan.
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When Raja says Maari anything, that means he is referring to me.
Raja has a song in the film My Friend Ganesha II, and the music release should happen anytime now, as the film is scheduled to release in July.
Communications and IT Minister A Raja said most foreign players are interested in bidding for 3G.
but raja is someone who is ahead of all he has got a divine voice.
Raja, I have one caution for you, pls dont make any mistake as the competion is tougher as we all want you to win and a single mistake wud be dearlywe need you to win as you have a special voice quaity which no one of the othe contestents has, I like Amanat too he too were really good.
And as I have pointed out earlier, Raja is facing problems in high notes or sometimes during the transition from high note to lower note.
raja has dis habit of modifying certain parts of a composition (he has done that before as well.
Communications and IT ministry's new incumbent A Raja is sitting on a Rs 4,000-crore dilemma.
However, in his first press briefing after being appointed Maran's successor, Raja was non-committal.
Telecom Minister, A Raja has requested the BSNL Trade Unions to have healthy discussions on the impending BSNL IPO.
Raja said that the listing would be beneficial for the state-owned BSNL.
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Bhavani forces his attention on Priya and Raja is now forced to do the rescue act.