Minister of Culture Jaipal Reddy of India

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I'm so happy after over 25 years of marriage to meet cabinet minister Reddy," said Vardhan's wife, Dr Indubala Vardhan, "because for years I have been told by my husband that Jaipal Reddy is one of the most politically shrewd and intelligent men he has ever met and a favorite person that he enjoyed debating with in school.
In response Reddy said that in India "class is reflected, for better or worse, through caste.
On the issue of land use and appeasement of "land-grabbers" in India, including a recently proposed "Disneyland style" resort that is being discussed with US representatives in LA, Reddy said that acquisition of land in India is always a very controversial issue.
imaginative use of the English language.
But Reddy says he has always been a Congressman at heart.
Dal, the United Front, Third Front and now, of course, the Congress too.
Reddy remained a secularist, though he left the party post Emergency.
Reddy was IB minister in the UF government.
the much-talked about Communication Convergence Bill took its roots.
inspiration to all those who were working in the political field.
conflict was mainly between the Youth Congress and the Students Federation.
the country’s politics without the role of the Left parties.
interests behind the communal forces.
something good would be done to the common people.
Congress Spokesman Jaipal Reddy said that it is that the Congress Party that has provided basic infrastructure necessary for the country.
The Media Commission will replace the Press Commission as numerous television channels have cropped up," Reddy said at a book release function in Hyderabad on Sunday.
By November, it had fallen and Reddy remained one of the champions of the losing side.
Jaipal Reddy said Tuesday after a Group of Ministers cleared the Master Plan, 2021.
Minister for information and broadcasting S Jaipal Reddy is a bundle of nervous energy.
However, one factor which will play against both Mallikarjun and Jaipal Reddy and is being amply exploited by Jithender Reddy is the feeling that electing outsiders has not benefitted the constituency.
Jaipal Reddy is from Mehboob Nagar and he has perfect gentleman image.
In the last two instances, Jaipal Reddy has been contesting to Lok Sabha from Miryalguda, leaving Nalgonda to the CPI.
And Jaipal Reddy was desperately looking for an alternative constituency to contest.
Now that the Left parties have announced that they would not have an alliance with the Congress in the next elections, Jaipal Reddy has heaved a sigh of relief.
Jaipal Reddy has suggested Chief Minister Y.
Reddy said that the Government had taken up the Udayasamudram Lift Scheme against all odds.
Reddy said the Bharatiya Janata Party was spreading rumours that the order would not stand the scrutiny of the courts.
Aasuri alluded that Jaipal Reddy is not only a prominent leader of Congress Party, but also a humble leader of Indian people and democracy.
Karakala further stated that Jaipal Reddy has been representing the people of Andhra Pradesh for last forty years in various positions.
Further he stated that Jaipal Reddy has been very outspoken and intelligent person in the Assembly and Parliament.
Shri jaipal Sudini Reddy was born on 16th January 1942 to father Late Shri Durga Reddy and mother Yashodamma in Madgul village, Andhra Pradesh.
on the British Broadcasting Corporation.
replaced by Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi.
The Minister for Urban Development Jaipal Reddy is not too happy with what the second stimulus package has to offer to the real estate sector.
Jaipal Reddy says categorically that he is not 'apologetic', notwithstanding allegations of vote bank politics.
Jaipal Reddy has called upon civic managers and political leaders to give priority to address factors that lead to urban flooding including encroachment of water bodies and.
Reddy said the scheme is likely to be launched in less than a month's time.
In political circles, S Jaipal Reddy is known as one who is always prepared to answer a question.
Reddy had started off with the hope of becoming a journalist.
Congress Party leader Jaipal Reddy described the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government as fascist and 'Hitlerite' on Monday while debating the no-confidence motion.
Jaipal Reddy has joined the congress party in the recent past and while he was a noncongress MLA he used to shout ans scream about.
Reddy said the government had approved a comprehensive national urban transport policy, which "focuses on returning the roads to the people, which have been colonised by the vehicles.
Real estate players who have been concentrating at the top of the market pyramid should now shift their attention to the middle and bottom of the pyramid to tap the huge potential, Reddy said at a seminar organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here Friday.
On the controversial issue of implementation of the conditional access system (CAS), Mr Reddy said that a political consensus would have to be evolved.
Jaipal Reddy has mourned the death of journalist, author and poet Dom Moraes, who passed away in Mumbai on Thursday.
In a condolence message, Mr Reddy said that in his death the literary world has lost a true wanderer who travelled far and wide but belonged to India in every sense of term.