Minister of Mines Sis Ram Ola of India

Sis Ram Ola was the recipient of the Padma Shri award in 1968 for social work.
In the 14th Lok Sabha, Sis Ram Ola is the new Cabinet Minister in Ministry of Mines, in the Indian Parliament.
Sis Ram Ola was born on 30th July 1927 to father Shri Choudhary Mangla Ram at Ardawata, Distt.
Sis Ram Ola has held various important positions in his career.
Sis Ram Ola is to be the new Cabinet Minister for Labour and Employment, in the freshly constituted 14th Lok Sabha in the Indian Parliament.
Sis Ram Ola is an Agriculturist, Defence Services, Political Social Worker by profession.
Sis Ram Ola has held various positions of importance in his career.
1972 onwards Sis Ram Ola was Member, All India Congress Committee (A.
In 1998 Sis Ram Ola was re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (2nd term) and became Member, Committee on Commerce and its Sub-Committee on Textiles, Member, Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament, Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Defence.
Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (3rd term) in 1999, Sis Ram Ola was Member, Committee on Petitions, Member, Committee on Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme and Member, Committee on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution.
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With the rise in demand, globalisation and economic liberalisation, changes in demand patterns for non-renewal resources and National Mineral Policy, a number of Indian as well as foreign companies have shown keen interest in investing in mineral exploration, mining and value addition," Mr Ola said at the National Mineral Award function for 2005.
Inaugurating the 28th meeting of the National Mineral Development council here today Mr Ola said the high power Hoda committee have recommended amendments in the National Mineral Policy and Mining laws of the country, keeping the basic framework intact, in tune with the international mining codes to streamline and simplfy the procedures to reduce delays apart from other measures to increase the investment in the mining sector.
In response, Mr Ola said the board had to go for a majority decision as there was no consensus on the issue even after four meetings.
is inimical to growth of the mining sector.
do not have potential for full utilisation in the country.
have to be exported till domestic capacity for its utilisation is increased.
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Mineral rich states seek say in Mineral Policy-Aug 6, 2007Economic Times,However, Mines Minister Sis Ram Ola has categorically ruled out any ban on exports.
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NEW DELHI: The Mines Minister Sis Ram Ola said on Thursday that he would try to pacify employees of Nalco, who are planning protests against the government's decision to offload ten per cent of its stake in the PSU.
Ola said that a new mineral policy had already been announced and the Government was now working on the necessary amendments required in the Act and Rules.
Ola said the policy favoured value-addition of minerals, including iron ore, but simultaneously it suggested that mining also needed to be encouraged as a stand-alone industrial activity.
Ola said the NMP recommends that royalty rates for minerals like iron ore be shifted from tonnage basis to ad-valorem basis while rates of minerals like dolomite and limestone would continue on unit-based production system.