Minister of Shipping, Road Transport, and Highways T. R. Baalu of India

Baalu was first elected to Parliament as a member of the Rajya Sabha in 1986 and served his full term till 1992.
Baalu has been jailed over 15 times for participating in the agitations and demonstrations for public cause.
Baalu was arrested for protesting against the arrest.
Baalu is also responsible for the contentious Setu Samudra project.
Baalu is in bitter controversy regarding the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project.
Baalu has said on the Floor of the House, 'Yes, I did put in the words' to favour his companies.
Baalu has defended his act by saying that he was trying to save his sick companies from closing down and he was trying to save employment of the labourers.
Thalikottai Rajuthevar Baalu is an important leader of the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) party.
T R Baalu was born on 15the June 1941 to father Raju Thevar at Thalikottai, Distt.
T R Baalu was jailed under MISA for protesting against emergency for a year.
In the year 1986, T R Baalu was first elected to Parliament as a member of Rajya Sabha.
T R Baalu was arrested for protesting against the arrest of Karunanidhi midnight arrest on June 30 2001.
2004: T R Baalu is currently the Cabinet minister for Shipping, Road Transport & Highways.
proof behind the existence of Rama Sethu.
Baalu is having today, of having to claim science for their justification.
Stating that he was arrested at the residence of Union Commerce Minister Murasoli Maran, Baalu said he was manhandled by the police officers before being dragged into a police vehicle.
However, the police said that Baalu was arrested for 'obstructing a public servant from discharging his duties.
Baalu was pushing for petrochemical projects to be located in home state Tamil Nadu despite their questionable viability.
Baalu was a habitual nepotist should come as no surprise to anyone.
Baalu has said that work on the controversial Sethusamudram project will go ahead.
The Union Minister for Environment and Forests Shri T.
Posted By Vikram Now all of US know why DMK was insisting to get the Shipping Ministry and refused to take oath whenRead CommentPosted By Sunil TR Baalu is a corrupt communal politician and should be dismissed right away.
Opposition NDA and AIADMK on Monday staged a walkout from the Rajya Sabha after their demand for suspension of Question Hour to take up the issue of alleged misuse of office by Shipping and Road Transport Minister T R Baalu was disallowed.
Today, we have a situation in which Baalu has confessed that he sought favours.
Thalikottai Rajuthevar Baalu was born on June 15, 1941 in Thalikottai, Thiruvarur District in Tamil Nadu.
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FRANK TALK: Deora says people in public life keep getting requests and there's nothing wrong with it.
New Delhi: Petroleum Minister Murli Deora has said that his colleague T R Baalu has not committed any crime by providing gas for companies owned by his family.
The DMK leader and Road Transport Minister, T R Baalu is being accused of committing ministerial impropriety.
Baalu has said that recognising the strategic and economic importance of the shipbuilding industry, its immense employment potential and to enable the Indian industry to compete globally, his Ministry is pursuing the revival of the Shipbuilding Subsidy Scheme.
Shri Baalu expressed the hope that the commissioning of new facilities together with the expansion plans of the existing shipyards will change for ever the face of the Indian shipbuilding industry beyond recognition.
Baalu says he is optimistic about the prospects of the controversial Rs2,600 crore project.
Baalu is Shipping and Surface Transport Minister in the Union Government.
It was further stated in the news that Baalu was advised not to confess any thing as politician.
Baalu has his private companies and these private companies through their liaison system can get every work done.
jebamani mohanraj1st May 2008, 02:02 PMTRBaalu is corrupt.
Emerging from the 30-minute meeting, Baalu said his party was in favour of both "the government as well as the comrades" and ruled out possibility of early elections.
Baalu has called for making eco-development programme a way of life for every section of society including developmental agencies and industrial houses so that the effective conservation of wildlife and forests could lead to improvement in the quality of life for the local people.
Speaking at the valedictory function of the National Workshop on Eco-Development, here today, Shri Baalu said that the international community and the civil society should come forward to.
Union minister Baalu had made speeches criticising the judiciary on the day of the shutdown, he added.
Baalu had gone to the extent of imputing motives to the bench for passing the order against the shutdown on a Sunday at a special sitting and he had threatened the judges with impeachment, said Kumar.
of petroleum and natural gas to expedite gas allocations to these companies.
Earlier, the Opposition NDA and the AIADMK staged a walkout from the Rajya Sabha after their demand for suspension of question hour to take up the issue of alleged misuse of office by Baalu was disallowed.
Thiru Baalu said that the 35-km stretch from Ambala to Zirakpur has been completed at a cost of Rs.
Giving details of the ongoing prestigious National Highways Development Project (NHDP), Thiru Baalu said that the NHDP entails massive unprecedented investments to the tune of Rs.
Referring to the road sector projects in the States of Haryana and Punjab, Thiru Baalu said that apart from the NHDP, under the various schemes, the Ministry has sanctioned 212 projects at a cost of Rs.
Quoting Baalu's statements in various newspapers, the AIADMK in its petition said Baalu had threatened the judges with impeachment for their order against the DMK-called shutdown.
Are judgements being delivered correctly in the courts? If that is so, why are the higher courts granting stay to lower courts' rulings?' Baalu was quoted as saying in the media.
Rao contended that Baalu was a public servant and he cannot be hauled up for contempt to court unless permitted by the attorney general of India.
SSCP Canal from the point of view of the Indian Navy.
statements made in an interview have been publicised.
Environment and Forests T R Baalu said here today.
notify these rules in the near future.
each other in the environment sector.
Suggesting an advisory action plan to state governments to deal with the strikers, Baalu said it would include declaring transport services as essential services and to use transport vehicles within the state for carrying the essential commodities without permit.
Baalu has approved 14 proposals for road improvement works on various stretches of State Highway (SH) and Major District Roads (MDR) in the State of Rajasthan at a total cost of Rs.