Coordinating Minister for the People's Welfare Aburizal Bakrie of Indonesia

Bakrie was born in Jakarta on November 15, 1946.
Aburizal Bakrie is the oldest of four siblings and was the chairman of the family enterprise from 1999 to 2004.
In 2004 Bakrie was named to be the chief economic minister of Indonesia.
Subsequently Aburizal Bakrie has been blamed for poor economic development and business nepotism.
While officially not running the family business since joining the cabinet, Bakrie received protests by environmentalists in view of the damage done by the company of his family.
Aburizal Bakrie is Indonesias richest man.
or whatever that clearly indicated Bakrie was issuing or make companies policy that dis-regard safety drilling practice.
However, if there is any facts finding that clearly indicated Bakrie memo or company decision with Bakrie approval not to use any casing in all drilling activities hence we can hang Kang Bakrie Is that clear Koh dragon and Koh raden.
Bakrie is neither saint nor prophet he is just normal man that want to clean his hand when he gets dirt.
Adinda Bakrie marries Seng-Hoo Ong in lavish style in a multi-billion rupiah affair.
The niece of Coordinating Social Affairs minister Aburizal Bakrie, and daughter of former PT Lapindo Brantas owner Indra Usmansyah Bakrie and restauranteur Gaby Djorgie, Adinda Bakrie married Seng-Hoo Ong on July 25th, her new husband himself belonging to a wealthy business family, in Singapore.
bakrie was the main cause of lapindo mudflow disaster anyway.
A bullet of a man, Mr Bakrie is thecountry's richest man, according to Forbes magazine.
Not that there's a link between polls and funding, Mr Bakrie is quick to insist: Poverty alleviation is poverty alleviation - it's nothing to do with the election.
Aburizal Bakrie is an Indonesian entrepreneur and politician.
Chief welfare minister Aburizal Bakrie said Thursday the money being provided to mudflow victims in Sidoarjo, East Java, was not compensation but rather constituted a business deal to acquire their ruined land.
Rather than make use of the press law to settle a dispute with Tempo magazine, chief welfare minister Aburizal Bakrie has chosen to file criminal charges against the magazine for allegedly defaming him.
Bakrie has used his position within Government to protect his companies from paying compensation to the victims of its criminally negligent drilling activity, one would say that he really does not have a good reputation to start with.
Well bakrie is suing tempo the poor people that minded there own bisinesse until they lost everything they had to his companies mistake in Sidoarjo should take him to court including the major shareholders like vise president Jusuf Kallah.
This is good for ICICI as the money loaned out by it to Bakrie is coming back to it with Brentwood taking over the debt," a local analyst said.
Bakrie was ranked as Indonesia's richest man, worth $5.
JAKARTA (AFP) Just months ago he was the undisputed king of Indonesia's tycoons, but now powerful Welfare Minister Aburizal Bakrie is struggling to hold together an empire crumbling amid the global credit crunch.
Bakrie has lost his tenure as a major political heavyweight," political analyst Dewi Fortuna Anwar told AFP.
Until recently, Bakrie was considered the richest man in Indonesia with a family fortune estimated by Forbes Asia magazine at 5.
The problem for Bakrie is that those talks began when Bumi's share price was around three times higher than it is now.
Analysts said that even though his political star is falling almost as fast as Bumi's share price, Bakrie is still able to call in some big favours from his friends in politics.
I probably met Leslie, Bakrie says - World - smh.
Bakrie is probably Indonesia's biggest private enterprise, with interests in coal mining, banking, telecommunications, construction and a panoply of other fields.
The 62-year-old Bakrie remains a powerhouse within the formerly dominant Golkar political party.
The government may have held its nose, but although Bakrie has so far paid out Rp4 trillion to the displaced villagers for their land while denying culpability, Jakarta has assumed responsibility for cleaning up the disaster, if it can be cleaned up.
Last week, Aburizal Bakrie said he would not be seeking another term in the cabinet next year.
But history, and an Indonesian proverb, suggests that though Aburizal Bakrie is down, it's premature to write him off just yet.
But now, with a presidential vote next year and the global financial crunch slimming down this debt-laden elephant by the day, Bakrie says he won't stay on as minister for people's welfare past the election.
With interests from palm oil and coal mining to telecommunications and construction, the Bakrie Group may be the country's biggest private enterprise, but is it too big to fail? Aburizal Bakrie is a born dealmaker who knows how to influence a government his critics say he bought his way into.
Bakrie is asked to place his hand on his heart and pledge to Allah that he has never once transacted business in the four years he's been in the cabinet.
a firm linked to Bakrie's family, while Lapindo and Bakrie said an earthquake near Yogyakarta in 2006 triggered the disaster.
A think tank set up by chief welfare minister Aburizal Bakrie was one of nine organizations worldwide to win a US$10,000 Templeton Freedom Award Grant from the free-market Atlas Economic Research Foundation.
Among other accolades, Bakrie was chosen in 1986 by the Kobe Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of the Outstanding Young People of the World.
var RTR_ArticleBlurb = " (Recasts lead, adds details, quotes, background) By Sara Webb JAKARTA, Dec 25 (Reuters) - Indonesia's heavily indebted Bakrie Brothers, which owns stakes in plantations, telecoms, coal, and property firms, said it had solved its debt.
Meanwhile, Vice President Jusuf Kalla confirmed that Aburizal Bakrie was a contributor to the 2004 presidential campaign for Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Jusuf Kalla.