Minister of Research and Technology Kadiman Kusmayanto of Indonesia

Kusmayanto has been a rector at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) since October 2001.
Kusmayanto said going nuclear had to be realized because it had been set at the 2004-2025 long-term development plan.
Planning Board and related agencies.
The energy policy strategy is focused on the plan to develop a nuclear power plant by 2017," Kusmayanto was quoted by the official Antara news agency as saying.
Kusmayanto said preparations so far were limited to studies involving universities, research and development agencies, the National Development Planning Board and related agencies.
To realize the plan, Kusmayanto said that the government was now preparing a business proposal to be submitted to Microsoft, inviting the company to set up its fifth research center in the country.
Kusmayanto said that Microsoft had set several requirements before it would be willing to open a research center.
Kusmayanto said that he believed that Indonesia could fulfill all the requirements.
Kusmayanto said nuclear power plants had to be realized because the plan was included in the 2004-2025 development planning.
Kusmayanto said he would report the BPPT's findings to the President.
Sources have said that Kusmayanto had cautioned the President at the outset, but the project then continued without the involvement of BPPT.
Kusmayanto said the government lacked the political will to support the development of renewable energy sources, which the country possesses in abundance.
Kusmayanto said the establishment of the committee -- comprising representatives of universities, business organizations and government institutions -- was the first step toward improving Indonesia's R performance.
Citing as an example Norway, which allocates more than 4 percent of its GDP on research and development, which is one of the highest levels in the world, Kusmayanto said that it would be good progress if research spending could reach 1 percent of GDP within 10 years.