Minister for Communication and Information Mohammad Nuh of Indonesia

Nuh said the price rise would still mean a spike in inflation to around 11.
Nuh came to power after preventing a revolt against his father in 943.
Nuh had previously supported Vushmgir; the latter had gained possession of Gurgan for a short time with Samanid support, and after losing it to the Buyids, he used a Samanid army to take back Gurgan and Tabaristan in 947.
Indonesia's Information Minister Mohammad Nuh has ordered internet providers to ban access to popular sites like YouTube and MySpace.
Information and Communication Minister Mohammad Nuh said on Wednesday that Jakarta would host this year's national blogger gathering on Saturday, heralding the theme Blogging for Society.
Nuh said the event was to be titled Pesta Blogger 2008 and would be held in the BPPT II building on Jl M.
Nuh said China's economy still boasts a steady growth despite the global financial crisis, and is witnessing a much faster growth rate compared with other major economies in the world.
Information and Communications Minister Mohammad Nuh said Indonesia saw no reason to block broadcasts by the resistance group which is on a US State Department list of terrorist organizations.
Indonesians gain access to the Internet.
Indonesian Information Minister Mohammad Nuh said his country will block YouTube if it doesn't remove Fitna.
Earlier this month US diplomats complained to Indonesian authorities about the channel, but Information and Communications Minister Mohammad Nuh said the government had no right to label a television station as a terrorist network or shut it down.
The countrys information minister Mohammad Nuh said the move would only have a limited impact on phone operators' earnings.
This will be the next big revolution in our TV broadcasting, after the conversion from black and white TV sets to color sets decades ago, Communications and Information Minister Mohammad Nuh said recently.