Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Raden Mohammad Marty Muliana Natalegawa of Indonesia

Natalegawa is also a prominent speaker in various societies.
Natalegawa was also the speaker in the London Metropolitan University regarding Indonesia's increasing international openness.
Natalegawa is married to the Thai-born Sranya, and has three children; Annisa, Anantha and Andreyka.
Nations, with effect from 5 September 2007.
Natalegawa is not a stranger to the Court of St James, he was educated in England and graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science for his B.
Natalegawa has an impressive experiences and knowledge of multilateral, bilateral and regional issues.
Natalegawa is currently serving as the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Court of St.
Natalegawa is married and has three children.