Minister for State-Owned Enterprises Sofyan Djalil of Indonesia

If we compare to another Minister, Sofyan Djalil is the most suitable to fill this job, as long as he should objective how to resolve the ''bumi resources crisis.
Indonesia is considering selling a 20 percent stake this year in the country's fourth-largest lender, PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI), state enterprises minister Sofyan Djalil said on Thursday.
Djalil said he still has no intention to raise the dividends from state oil and gas company PT Pertamina and state gas distributor PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) which would enjoy a windfall profit from next year`s world oil price.
But at present only five of them have sufficient potential to enter the capital market," Djalil said on Monday.
Djalil is the Minister for Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.
Dr Djalil was appointed to this position in 2004, under the administration of the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
Indonesia on Wednesday lifted emergency laws on Aceh that were imposed last year to deal with the rebellion, something Djalil said showed Jakarta's commitment to making peace.
Djalil says he hopes to reduce the number of SOEs to 50 during his two and a half year term - and to zero if he serves a second term as minister.
Indonesia also owns some of the worlds largest mineral operations, but Djalil says individually, they lack bargaining power and have often missed out on better trade terms.
Djalil says the availability of publicly traded shares would encourage direct investment from foreign companies.
Minister Sofyan Djalil has initiated a revision of the already well-appreciated press law.
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In the next negotiations a MOU will be signed which will include no more illegal weapons being present in Aceh, Djalil was quoted as saying in the Jakarta daily Kompas.
To be sure, PT BA will be the first (to join the consortium)," State Enterprises Minister Sofyan Djalil said here on Thursday.
Information Minister Sofyan Djalil said here on Wednesday.
Why bother just because of that? Djalil was also challenged by a representative of Nahdlatul Ulama (Association of Muslim Scholars) who argued that the issuing of a legal notice against Newsdotcom would be purely political, and questioned why the minister did not focus on programs containing violence and nudity.
Peace between the Newsdotcom team and Djalil was temporarily restored.
number of prominent figures from Aceh.
Separately, Djalil said that only violations after the date the MoU was signed will be investigated.
after Qatar Telecom (Qtel) had taken over its majority stake.
Earlier, state enterprises minister Sofyan Djalil said privatisation of P T Krakatau would help the company improve its performance.