Cabinet Secretary Sudi Silalahi of Indonesia

Yudhoyono will witness the signing of 14 agreements covering government administration, energy, special industrial zones and transport infrastructure, his cabinet secretary Sudi Silalahi said earlier.
5 billion dollars," Silalahi said in Seoul.
Indonesia's Cabinet Secretary Sudi Silalahi says at least 70 people have been killed, with other reports saying the figure is more like 80.
He called on governors, regents, mayors to be more active in leading efforts to fight bird flu in affected areas," Silalahi said after ministers held talks with Yudhoyono.
masterminded sectarian conflicts in the country.
Cabinet Secretary Sudi Silalahi said later that Sutarto has agreed to carry on as military chief until further notice.
Silalahi said the decision to retain Sutarto was purely based on the fact that changes were not desirable during a period of consolidation.
The president has asked Armed Forces Chief General Endriartono Sutarto not to launch any more offensive against the separatists for the sake of the peace deal," Cabinet Secretary Sudi Silalahi was quoted saying in the Jakarta Post.
Cabinet secretary Sudi Silalahi said Wednesday he would submit the revised regulation to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono soon after he received the draft from the Public Works Ministry.