Minister of Industries and Mining Ali Akbar Mehrabian of Iran

Ali-Akbar Aqaei, the representative from Salman, who also commented in favor of Mehrabian said, Mehrabian has shortened execution time for projects.
Iran's Caretaker Minister of Industries and Mines Ali-Akbar Mehrabian has said the country is ready to invest in the Republic of Guinea.
Mehrabian has perhaps overlooked an important ‎economic principle: “investors in the stock market buy and sell stocks to maximize ‎profits, not to abide by the officials’ ethical slogans.
Ali Akbar Mehrabian said on Friday.
Imposition of sanctions on Iran for its peaceful nuclear activities had no effects on the progress of the country's industries, Minister of Industries and Mines Ali Akbar Mehrabian said on Saturday.
During their meeting on Wednesday, Mehrabian said the "Iranian people and government feel.
Speaking on the eve of the 14th Convention on Climate Change in Poland, Mehrabian said Iran has taken dramatic steps for controlling greenhouse gases, Mehr News Agency.
Mehrabian is visiting the country at the official invitation of Senegalese Minister of Mines, Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises Ousmane Ngom.
Iran-Senegal relations are flourishing, Mehrabian said after the meeting, the Islamic republic news agency reported.
After hearing the statements of those in favor and against the proposed ministers, Mehrabian said since industry is the driving force behind the countrys economic development, his ministry will make use of all potentials to pave the way for industrial development and resolve the sectors problems.
Iranian Industries and Mines Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian said in Caracas on October 5 that Iran has commissioned hundreds of millions of dollars worth of industrial projects in Venezuela.
attend talks to help promote Iran-Egypt industrial ties and cooperation.
Mehrabian is to exchange a memorandum of understanding with UNIDO for the establishment of a "South-South Cooperation Centre" in Tehran.
Iran appreciates the expansion of bilateral ties.
the advantages of investing in their neighbor.
The conservative-dominated parliament overwhelmingly approved Gholam Hossein Nozari as oil minister, while Ali Akbar Mehrabian was confirmed as industry minister by a slightly slimmer margin.
Mehrabian was confirmed with 174 votes in favour, 49 against and 18 abstentions.
Mehrabian is a specialist, a capable and religious person," Ahmadinejad told parliament.
Given the recent Iran-Venezuela joint meeting, Mehrabian said that the meeting was effective to boost cooperation.
Mehrabian was confirmed as industry minister by a slightly slimmer margin.
Nozari got 217 votes while Mehrabian received 174 votes.
Mehrabian was quoted as saying that Iran has projects worth $ 4 bn underway and $ 6 bn worth of projects are on the agenda.
Mehrabian said that the two countries have signed over 180 accords, noting Iran has conducted several oil and gas projects plus to construction of tractor, car, and cement producing factories.
At the meeting, Mehrabian said Iran and Syria are interested in bolstering bilateral ties in all fields.