Vice President for Environmental Protection Fatemeh Javadi of Iran

Fatemeh Javadi is a conservative Iranian politician and one of current Vice Presidents of Iran.
After the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of Iran, Fatemeh Javadi was appointed Iranian Vice-President and Head of Department of the Environment (DoE.
Vice-President Javadi has articulated some of her plans for the Department of the Environment.
Vice-President Javadi has stated that sustainable development is based upon three basic principles: people, economy and environment.
Javadi is one of two women (along with Nasrin Soltankhah) in the Iranian cabinet and replaces Masoumeh Ebtekar, who was the Vice-President and head of the DoE in the cabinet of President Khatami.
Vaez-Javadi said given that the countrys greenhouse gas emissions are less than 1 percent, it is not included in the so-called Annex 1 states--the signatory nations to the Kyoto Protocol that are subject to caps on their emissions of greenhouse gases.
Vaez-Javadi described the festival as an opportunity to remind mankind of their obligation to protect their natural surroundings.
Javadi is attending Bachelet’s inauguration today.
Prior to initialing the deal, Head of Iran's Department of Environment Fatemeh Vaez-Javadi expressed hope that Tehran and Baghdad could take additional positive steps to preserve their countries' natural resources.
Iran's Head of the Department of the Environment Fatemeh Vaez-Javadi has expressed concerned over the environmental pollution in Lebanon caused by massive Israeli bombardments.
Fatemeh Javadi was named Vice-President and Head of the Environment Protection Organisation, the radio said.
Javadi was briefed on various initiatives taken by the Pakistan government regarding protection of environment.
Javadi said that Iran and Pakistan should also expand cooperation in tourism.
ISNA quoting a web site close to the president, reported that Fatemeh Javadi has been appointed as a vice-president and head of the Environment Organization.
Even in Iran, Fatemeh Javadi is vice president.
In an interview with a Chilean newspaper, Vice President Fatemeh Javadi was quoted as saying "science and research are a right for all countries.