Minister of Commerce Masud Mir-kazemi of Iran

LONDON, October 22 (IranMania) - Iran?s Minister of Commerce Seyyed Masud Mir-Kazemi said that the economic macro-policy will help the new government increase exports, MNA reported.
Shifting to export-boosting factors, Mir-Kazemi said quality, cost price, after-sales service, production capacity, domestic demand, monetary and banking facilities, inflation rate, monetary policy, speed, reliable accuracy, availability, and export facilitation play determining role.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Mir-Kazemi said that the government should support and strengthen the smaller production units, turning them into export bodies that can efficiently compete in the global markets.
Iran’s Commerce Minister Masud Mir-Kazemi said President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was also seeking to develop bilateral ties, as stated in his letter to the Belarusian leader.
Commenting on the great potentials of the two countries for further expansion of bilateral ties, Mir-Kazemi said there were no obstacles in the way of investment of Malaysian firms in Iran.
During an April 22, 2006, visit to Minsk, Belarus, to strengthen Iranian-Belarusian economic ties, Iranian Commerce Minister Masud Mir-Kazemi was asked to comment on the Janes article.