Minister of State Without Portfolio Ali Muhammad Ahmad of Iraq

Ahmad was an inspirational figure for many Muslims who also wanted to assert their right to self-determination against imperial and colonial powers.
Muhammad Ahmad was born in 1844 on Dirar Island off Dongola, the son of an indigent boat-builder and a member of an Arabized Nubian family from Dongola.
Gordon was killed on the steps of the palace and beheaded, although Ahmad had expressly ordered for him to be taken alive.
Ahmad also added the declaration “Muhammad Ahmad is the Mahdi of God and the representative of His Prophet” to the recitation of the shahada.
Ahmad had planned for this eventuality and chosen three deputies to replace him, in emulation of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ahmad was later in the evening was handed over to his aunt, Fauzia Siddiqui, following his arrival in Islamabad.
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet.
and started calling Muslims as kafir.
they may not have heard the name of the Promised Messiah.
denials of a claim to prophethood.
correct meaning of the term 'prophet' until the year 1901.
to clear himself from these charges.
not believing in him is a kafir and excluded from the fold of Islam.