Minister of Planning Ali Baban of Iraq

Iraq won't rush into privatizing its industries.
Those donations have reached their lowest level since they were approved in Madrid in 2004," Baban said in a.
Ali Ghalib Baban is the Iraqi Minister of Planning and Development Co-operation in the government of Nouri al-Maliki.
Baban is a member of the Sunni Arab-majority Iraqi Islamic Party and led the negotiations with Maliki for the Iraqi Accord Front Before his election he was the editor of the weekly Arabic language newspaper of the Iraqi Islamic Party, … WikipediaRelated Searches:iraqiAli Ghalib BabanIraqi Islamic PartyGovernment of Iraq from 2006Iraqi Accord FrontNational Assembly of IraqGovernment minister of IraqsunniarabkurdishDar al-SalamNews About Ali BabanAli Baban had a news item on Live Search NewsFoundation stone laid for large residential projectdocument.
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BAGHDAD, Dec 24 (UPI) -- A Sunni political party in Baghdad withdrew from a coalition following an offer to put candidates forward for the Iraqi Parliament speaker, officials said.
Planning Minister Ali Baban said on Saturday that he took a decision to quit the Iraqi Islamic Party and the (Sunni) Iraqi Accordance Front (IAF.
I have resigned from the Iraqi Islamic Party before I was relieved , Baban said in statements to the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI.
Planning Minister Ali Baban has announced his violation of the IAF's decision to quit the Iraqi government and returned to resume duties in his ministry under frail pretexts, read the party's statement, noting that Baban has ignored he was one of the participants in taking this decision to boycott the government.
On Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's powers to accept an IAF candidate as a substitute if the IAF demanded so, Baban said the prime minister has the right not to accept the IAF's candidate if they chose a substitute for me, but this in case the IAF decided to return to government.
In a phone call with VOI on Thursday, Baban said he decided to return to the incumbent government in order to clarify the seriousness of adopting the draft laws on oil gas, financial resources and provincial councils through attending the forthcoming cabinet sessions.
In a statement Thursday, Baban said he will leave any decision regarding his presence in the Maliki government up to the prime minister, noting the IAF had not stated his resignation was delaying its return, Voices of Iraq reported.
ISTANBUL - Iraq`s Planning Minister Ali Baban said Thursday that entrepreneurs investing in Iraq at present would soon obtain positive results.
Baban said he had the opportunity to meet with Turkish businessmen in the last two days who communicated to him the problems they encountered in Iraq.
The decision to dismiss Baban was unanimously adopted by the IIP politburo, the statement concluded.
Ali Baban is a leading figure in Hashemi's Iraqi Islamic Party, a main component of the Sunni IAF.
Vice President Tareq Al-Hashemi's office.
Baban was among five Sunni Arab ministers and a deputy prime minister who began a boycott of the cabinet on August 1.
Baban said the Arab-American business community could be a strong bridge between the two countries and could transform their relations.
Baban is traveling with Iraqi Vice President Adil Abd Al-Mahdi.
Planning Minister Ali Baban has admitted the economy is in a difficult position and called for revenues to be raised through other sources and to develop a healthy financial network that would boost the private sector.
So far, there is no pipeline, Baban said as he visited the Fourth International Rebuild Iraq Conference, opened by Planning and International Cooperation Minister Suhair Al-Ali on Tuesday.
Baban is a member of the Iraqi Islamic Party, the countrys largest Sunni Arab political party and one of the three parts of the Iraqi Accordance Front, the main Sunni bloc.
Ali Baban has no future in the Iraqi Islamic Party," Wajih said.
He added that "Ali Baban has committed suicide politically.
Those donations have reached their lowest level since they were approved in Madrid in 2004,” Baban said in a press release received by Aswat al-Iraq.
In Baghdad earlier this month, Baban said inflation, unemployment and poor services were major challenges to the Iraqi economy.
Baban said he anticipated that Iraq's Parliament would passthe draft hydrocarbon bill, which seeks a fair distribution of revenues among all Iraq's sectarian and ethnic groups.
His Excellency Baban had stated that “The goals for my Government Ministry focus on three key areas.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq’s Planning Minister Ali Baban said on Friday that the decrease in oil prices will not lead to decreasing the employees’ salaries in the 2009 budget.
Baban said that there was an important correlation between economic relations and security, adding that Iraq's developments in its economy would also make a positive impact on security in the country.