Minister of Industry and Minerals Fawzi Al-hariri of Iraq

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The Iraqi Industry and Minerals Minister Fawzi al-Hariri said on Thursday that the ministry would not establish any factory in the country anymore and would encourage private sector to start industrial projects.
Responding on the absence of the investment projects in Duhuk, al-Hariri said there are scores of investors from gulf states and in Europe who have showed interested in investing in Iraq's Kurdistan region, however the lack of the ability to show the investment opportunities in the region makes them more hesitant in investing their money.
Al-Hariri was speaking at a recent conference in Dubai on investment opportunities in Iraq.
Al-Hariri said the Iraqi delegation held a broad-based meeting in Berlin within the framework of the joint Iraqi-German economy committee, pointing out that the latest session between both sides had taken place in 1989.
Fawzi al-Hariri is working for the kurds and the other three the same.
Al-Hariri said that Royal Dutch Shell and Dow Chemical Company were in talks with the government to renovate and expand a chemical plant in southern Iraq at a cost of up to $2.
Similar talks were also conducted with Chevron Corporation, Al-Hariri said on Sunday.
Fawzi al-Hariri said better security in the country had drawn over 120 firms and consortia keen to bid for 10 to 15 year joint ventures that aim to revamp ailing industrial firms under an ambitious multibillion dollar privatisation plan.
to al-Khalil, opposition leaders who claimed al-Hariri was killed because he supported them and opposed Syria, are dissembling.
Al-Hariri was sworn in on May 20, 2006, months after being elected as a member of the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan.
Rafiq Al-Hariri was entrusted to form a new government.
member of the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan.